Classification of Social Media

The various types or forms of social media
that exist on the Internet are; Magazines,
 Internet Forums, Weblogs, Social
Blogs, Micro-Blogging, Wikis, Podcasts,
 Photographs, Videos, Rating and
Social Bookmarking.

Tthe social media into six different types
 based on their media research and published it in
an article in Business .

1.Collaborative projects e.g. Wikipedia
2.Blogs and Microblogs e.g. Twitter
3.Content Communities e.g. Youtube
4.Social Networking Sites e.g. Facebook
5.Virtual Game Worlds e.g. World of Warcraft
6.Virtual Social Worlds e.g. Second Life

Social media is still a work in progress and
 evolving on a daily basis. The scope of
 the social media is very vast and its
usage extends into various fields, regions,
 demographics etc. People are getting
connected to each other in more ways
than previously imagined. Therefore it
becomes difficult to understand the
complexities involved and efforts are still on to
understand the true nature of social media.