Measuring Social-Media Optimization

Start Social-Media Optimization to your website

If you’re participating in social media, you’re going
 to want to know how it’s working. But before
you even begin to measure your success, you need
 to know what you’re measuring it against. Define
concrete goals for your efforts. Those might be to
 increase your web-site traffic by a certain amount
each month, to increase conversion values, or some
 other goal. Whatever those goals are, use them
as a guide as you’re planning your social-media
optimization efforts.

You should first have a blog, and then track who
 is reading it. There are many good web analytics
packages that will track what the most popular
 content on your site is. You can probably also see
where those site visitors are coming from and
 how long they’re spending on your page.
This information will help you determine what
 blog entries are most successful and who is
sending the most traffic to your blog, so that you
can capitalize on that.

To find out who is linking to your site
use the following search string, replacing
yourwebsitewith the actual URL of the pages you want to
track: link:

Socialmedia networks require constant participation.
 And as with SEO, that means ongoing efforts —
 daily. Integrate your social-media optimization
 strategies into your daily SEO

Bhargava and the other social-media experts who
 put this list together are people in the front line
of SEO and SMO social-media optimization every day.
 These guidelines will help you begin youroptimization process.
And if you follow them, you’ll be well on your way to gaining all the value
available from social networks and social media.