seo Keyword Placement tips

Keyword Placement seo tips


Keyword Placement

The text on your web page should include the most
 important keywords you have developed in as unforced
 a way as possible. Try to string keywords together to 
make coherent sentences.Not all text on a page is 
equal in importance. First of all, order does count:
 keywords higher up in a given page get more recognition 
from search engines than the same keywords further down a page.
Roughly speaking, besides the body of the page itself 
and in meta information, you should try to place your
 keywords in the following elementspresented roughly in
 order of descending importance:

Title: putting relevant keywords in the HTML title tag for your
 page is probably the most important single thing you can do in terms of SEO

Headers: keyword placement within HTML header styles
, particularly <h1> headers towards the top of a page, is extremely important

Links: use your keywords as much as possible in the
 text that is enclosed by <a href="">...</a> hyperlink tags on your site in outbound and cross bound link. Ask webmasters who provide inbound linking to your site
 to use your keywords whenever possible

Images: include your keywords in the alt attribute of your
 HTML image <img> tags

Text in bold: if there is any reasonable excuse for doing so,
include your keywords within HTML bold <b>... </b> tags