Managing PPC campaigns

When you consider management of your PPC campaign in the context of reducing the budget, there’s
a lot you can do to reduce your costs without decreasing the effectiveness of your campaign. Your first
step should be to replace any poorly performing ads. Monitoring your ads should already be a key
part of your PPC campaign, so determining those that aren’t performing well should be easy.
Another way to reduce your PPC costs is to reduce the amount of your bid per keyword. As noted
earlier, it’s not necessary to strive for the top advertising slot. And reducing your keyword bid by a
few cents per click can make a huge difference in the cost of the campaign.

Just remember that reducing your bid shouldn’t necessarily mean reducing your budget. Instead,
use your existing budget more effectively. If you cut your budget too much, you’ll lower the number
of times that your keyword ad is shown each day, which in turn lowers your conversion rate.
In addition to reducing the amount you’re bidding on keywords, you should also examine the
keywords you’ve selected to see if you can remove any that are general in nature or high demand.
“General” and “high demand” can be the same, but there can be a subtle difference. General keywords
are good for branding purposes (and branding purposes only), so they are automatically
high demand and high cost