Why Flickr forward-tools

As a visitor to Flickr, you can have an
awful lot of fun. You can search through
photos in a bunch of different
 ways, from the sensible to the quirky.

But you get the most out of Flickr by using it
to store and show off your own
photos. When you try this, you find out the
 really great things Flickr lets you do:
Storing your photos:You can create a free
account that holds hundreds of photos.
With a free account, you can upload
20MB of photos a month,or about 100
reasonably sized JPEG images. The number of photos is
also limited — to 200. Or upgrade to a
Pro account and store thousands.
You can simply store all your photos online,
at least up to a point. Or you can just store the
 interesting ones and keep the rest on your PC —
or take the opportunity to send them to the
 great bit box.
Sharing your photos:People can visit Flickr and see your photos —
under your control! You can keep private photos confined to a small
group of viewers, whereas others can be seen by anyone who visits
Sorting your photos:As your “photobase” grows,
you can sort and organize your photos in many ways,
making them more interesting and convenient to access for your own use and for others.
Searching through photos:Labeling and organizing your photos well
makes it very easy for you to find just the ones you want — and for
others to find the photos you want to share with them as well.
Flickr and your photos.
In addition to doing these basic things, you can also get involved with the
Flickr user community. There are special things you can do with photos on
Flickr that you can’t do other places.

Add notes to a photo: For instance, you can name everyone in that picture from the office party.
Add tags to a photo: Make it easy for people to find your picture among
others like it. For instance, by adding the tag “Golden Gate bridge” to
your photo, you can make it easy for people to find your photo among
all those of the famous San Francisco landmark.
Put a photo in a pool:Pools of photos are photos linked in some way; if
you see an open pool that’s relevant, you can dive right in and add your
photo to it!
Engage in discussions about photos:You can share comments about
photos on a message board — even highlight an area on a photo and
mark it up with a message. Yes, you’ll see lots of immature “kiss me,
you fool”-type messages if you look around.
Publish photos to a blog or your Web site:You can put pictures hosted
on Flickr in your blog or other Web site. You can even see recent Flickr
uploads on your mobile phone.
We don’t describe these additional features of Flickr in much detail here —
after you dive in to Flickr