Web hosting service-VPS hosting and dedicated servers

Web hosting service-VPS hosting and dedicated servers

There are many type of web hosting name

Webportal hosting
Website hosting
Self hosting
Blog hosting
Hosted website or blog

Web hosting in the cloud
Cloud computing is all the rage these days and the hosting industry is no
exception. The basic idea of cloud computing is that you join multiple computers
 together to provide faster, more reliable performance.
In terms of web hosting, that translates to meaning that websites get
delivered faster and don’t suffer from slow downs. When one website receives a lot
of traffic, the load is spread equally among multiple free web hosting servers in the cloud.

Virtual Private Servers
A VPS is the next step up from a standard shared server. With a shared
server, all of the sites share all of the resources of the server, and if one site
hogs the resources, all the other sites suffer.

Dedicated Servers
A dedicated server is exactly that a server dedicated to you. It is a
physical server in a data center which is yours and yours alone.

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HostGator Web Hosting
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Yahoo Webhosting
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