How to growing traffic of a website

Growing traffic of a website-Tips

If you want to stay on top of the search results you have
 to stay focused on generating compelling content.
 Adding content on your website and getting backlinks to various
pages is important. Here is a list of what needs to be done in order to ensure
continuously growing traffic:
• Keep adding articles/ content on your site
• Write articles on other blogs
• Comment on related sites and blogs
• Post videos on sites like YouTube and link them to your site
• Share your content on social networking sites so that more people from your
community know about it
• Generate discussions and activity on your site
Remember, content is not just the text you add but also what your visitors add to your
site as well. You may have noticed that on several blogs/ sites, visitors' comments also
appear in search results.

If the content you are presenting is interesting, chances are that you will have returning
traffic which might bring along their entire social community to your site. This increases
traffic related to your niche.
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