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Article writing is an efficient marketing tool
 for your business if done properly. It’s
another great way to establish a powerful
online presence. However, it’s extremely
important that you write a good piece of
 content for your article to promote your

In the past, article directories used to get a high
volume of web traffic and were considered highly
reputable websites by the search engines. This ensured substantial
free traffic through submitted articles on these websites.

The recent changes in Google algorithms has negatively
 affected the article directories as many have been marked
 as content farms with no real value. However, this doesn’t
reduce the value of informative and well written content.
 There are still many article directories that have a lot
of authority and many online marketers make a full-time living
just writing articles for these directories.

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You should avoid submitting your articles to low-ranking
 article directories and concentrate on sites like,, GoArticles.comand
Before submitting your article to multiple high-ranking article directories,
you should rewrite your article and try to make it 30% to 50% unique.