seo Tips-seo Micro tools

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Almost everyone in the World Wide Web use SEO in order for their websites to rank on top with the chosen keywords. SEO professionals say that the majority of searchers rely on the first page of the search engine results so add  seo optimization tips.

1. Title
Always remember to put your keywords within the title of your html code.

3. Link Building
It is very exciting and importent to build links for your website. Any one can sign an account and manage social networking sites like Twitter, Friendster, Facebook, Plurk, Tumblr, Multiply and others.

4. Keyword
Insert your keywords in your site content. we recommend to make the keyword into bold text so that Google spiders will read your rank faster. The quicker the Google spiders read your site content, the better position it will get in the search engine results.

5. Article Submission
Social bookmarking sites help your site content to be indexed faster in the search engines. Social bookmarks drive great traffic. Don’t do spamming because Google penalize websites by removing from index and putting into sandbox. You can submit your articles containing links going to your main site to article submission sites like, .

6. Blog
Write article's content that catch the interest of the majority of your readers. Create blogs about the recent events and news.

7. Web Design
Your website will be easily indexed if your web design is search engine friendly and make it easier for websites or blogs to be found by search engines like google,msn