Using SEO and Social Media

Aside from large companies with very deep pockets, the days of effective TV advertising are gone.  Kogi BBQ can’t afford a spot during the Superbowl, but they don’t need to.  They are able to use tools like Twitter to build a following and grow their business.

Fred Wilson said the big challenge for marketers and advertisers now is to engage consumers without alienating them with perceived spam.  Despite the popularity of Google’s Adwords program, how often do you click on a “sponsored link”?  I know I never do, because I know it’s a marketing link.  And an unwelcome one at that.  I prefer to digest my internet material organically.

A very effective way for businesses to reach their intended audience is through tools like blogs, Twitter and by using techniques like search engine optimization.  This way you’re ensuring that your audience sees the message, but it doesn’t feel like they’re being advertised at.