Use Email Newsletters for traffic

Email newsletters are fairly cheap.

  • Work-related news and activities.
  • Prices and sales
  • New products, services and opportunities
  • Personal interests and hobbies
  • Events, deadlines, and important dates

    Keep user attention
    They've opted in and will likely open the first one or two e-newsletters. Now it's imperative to have great content that will keep subscribers engaged. Think like a publisher as much as a marketer and build a community of interest.

    Try inserting a podcast in your e-newsletter and see how it pulls. Consider offering you e-newsletter content as an RSS feed, particularly if you have a techno-savvy audience.

    Market your own business or help other businesses market their products or services with a promotional newsletter. A marketing newsletter design is frequently used by businesses to promote a product or service. A marketing newsletter is typically sent to current or prospective customers free of charge. Not strictly a sales pitch, the marketing newsletter design and content does strive to turn prospects into customers and customers into repeat customers.