top 10 backlinking sources-website seo

Top 10 backlinking sources-website seo

1)  Free Website Directories
2)  Guest Blogging
3)  Blog Commenting
4)  Social Media Sites
5)  Social Toolbars
6)  Social Bookmarking
7)  Pinterest
8)  Free Press Releases
9)  Video Sites
10)  Document Sharing Sites

With everything we have talked about thus far, you are well equipped to beat the latest
Google Penguin update. But why stop there? In the next Chapter we will talk about
some more ways that will help you to dominate the search rankings post-penguinupdate.

find that- how many links you need built to each of your pages and where they should come from,
 ie directories, social networks, article directories, blogs or forums.

Link Velocity

Link Velocity is the rate at which you gain backlinks to your site. If you get them too fast,
then there is a good chance your site will get peanlyzed for spammy activities. If you get
them too slow, you will not get the desired rankings.

So from this update, we know that there is no more keyword stuffing articles, no more
hammering the exact same anchor text keyword on thousands of low quality sites, no
more shortcuts and no more focusing on just 1 or 2 backlinking sources.