Search Ranking Algorithm-Social sharing data

Include social sharing and follow buttons on your site, your blog, and in
your emails

social sharing strategies increase traffic and increase profits. For
those internet marketers wondering how big can social media be in terms

of helping businesses online explode

 Twitter Followers -> Email Subscribers: Twitter is a great communication

channel. It helps you contact and stay in touch with anyone you want. But

it doesn’t directly make you real money. Email marketing is still the

most profitable online marketing channel.

Facebook Fans -> People Talking About This: Facebook’s EdgeRank was

designed to keep companies from spamming their “fans”. So it only allows

you to reach the fans that actively engage with your brand. “People

Talking About This” is the closest metric you have to increase your

“viral reach”. The higher that number goes, the better chance you have of

reaching more people. And the bigger your page will grow because you’ll

start reaching more “friends of fans”.