Comparison Operators for If/Else Statements

So far you have just been using the equal comparison operator, but conditional statements are really
checking to see if a statement evaluates to true, not if something is equal. You can also check to see
if something is not equal to something, less than something else, more than something, and so on.
Strings that consist of numbers are converted to numeric before the test except for the identical ===.

Comparison Operators
== Is equal to 6==’6’ returns true
=== Is identical to (including the type cast) 6===’6’ returns false
!= Is not equal to 6!=5 returns true
<> Is not equal to 6<>5 returns true
< Is less than 6<5 returns false
> Is greater than 6>5 returns true
<= Is less than or equal to 6<=5 returns false
>= Is greater than or equal to 6>=5 returns true