trade people use Google

Google is popular anywhere
Google's free online language translation service provides a knowledgeable support staff.
you can share a lot of  things With Google+ like  events,games, photos.
ITs  Find all businesses,online classifieds,advertising classifieds.Google takes a 67%
share of the U.S. search market.

Job growth is increased by this google even search job,employment,business grows with the
help of google.

Google’s Picasa Web Albums to store photos,and manage the photos very nice.
With these tools, you can create different versions of your profile .

Google Docs  store many things like  the latest doc,text files, more updates new files.

Gmail: Email from Google

Google Groups


Google Translate

 Google News

Google Toolbar

 Google Docs

Google Finance


Google - YouTube

 Google Checkout

Google Sites

Android Apps on Google


  • Google Documents:- Share and add,edit documents , see them on the run with Google Docs mobile service, and take Google Notebook for web research.
  • Google Spreadsheets:- Add live data to spreadsheets, and  charts and tables you can embed in web pages.
  • Google Presentations:- See them on a mobile phone and save them as video.
  • Gmail:- Send email to and from a mobile phone, adjust Gmail's layout with a style sheet, and a lot more
  • iGoogle:- Create your own gadgets, program a screenscraper, add Flash games, and more.
  • Google Calendar:- Add web content events, public calendars, and your Outlook Calendar to this application.
  • Google Reader, Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google SketchUp:- the new 3D modeling software tool.
  • Picasa, YouTube, and Google Video:-- customize and use these media management apps.