SEO tips with Pages Indexed by Google

A better idea to revise your meta robots 
directives to
<meta name="robots" content="noindex,noarchive,nosnippet,follow" />
google seo tool tips
robots file was blocking access to the page
 where the meta tag was included. Thus,
 even though the meta tag told Google to 
not index my pages, Google never got that far. 

If you have blocked and tested URL in
 robots.txt, it must work. Here you don't
 need to add additional meta tag into particular page.

I am sure, give some time to Google for

 crawling your website. It should work !

For removing URLs, you can use 

Google webmaster tool .

f your domain is new you just need to 
wait that the crawler go there and index 
your third level... it can take more than 
two weeks as well.

I suggest you to put inside your root 

also a robot.txt and at least a title of your page.

Robots.txt example:

User-agent: *

save it as robots.txt and put it in your root folder.

• Don’t forget to include your keyword phrases
 in <h1>, <h2>, and <h3> header tags.
 This signifies the importance of your
content to Google.

• Label each graphic with an alt tag that
includes your keyword phrase.
• Place your keywords in the first twenty-five
 words on your web page and the last
twenty-five words on your web page.

• Italicize, bold, and underline your keyword
 phrase within your content.

• Eliminate Flash if it’s the mainpresentation of your
 website. Google does not view this favorably.

• If you’re going to use JavaScript toenhance the
overall visitor experience of your website, place
the code in an external file.

• Focus on a fast loading website. This is
essential for top Google rankings.

• Be sure to include a sitemap that’s easily
 accessible by Google.

• Never underestimate the power of internal
linking. A good internal linking structure
 can improve your SERPs.

• Keyword development is one of the most
 important on-page optimization strategies.

• Research keywords and competing websites
 to select ideal keywords.

• Research the strength of the competition
before selecting your final keywords using
PR and number of inbound links.

• Page load speed is a significant factorin
Google rankings. Ensure that your home
 page loads more quickly than those of
competing sites.