Set Google Reader Offline-new data

Google Gears is a Google-powered open source project aiming to allow  web site publishers to make a part of their application available offline.

 Not too many web sites have this feature enabled yet, but those that do allow you to use some parts of their application even when you're not connected to the Internet. Google Reader is one of the applications that is partially Gears-enabled.

To give this feature a try, log in to Google Reader at
 You need to have the Firefox 1.5+ browser to get this to work, or, on Windows XP/ Vista,
 you can use Internet Explorer 6+ as well. In Reader, click the Offline link on top.
You will be taken through a Google Gears installation.

You will notice a new green arrow in the top navigation bar. This means that
you're in online mode—click the arrow to go into offline mode. The first time
you switch into offline mode, up to 2,000 articles from your subscribed Google
Reader feeds will be downloaded for you. After the download is done, you can
 disconnect from the Internet and still read some of your feeds.

Note that because Google Gears is a browser extension and not just a feature
of the web site, you need to install Gears on every computer on which you
want to use these offline capabilities.