tips Harm Prevention pc

Harm Prevention pc

You may use any of these methods to remove
unwanted programs:
•  Use Windows’ add/remove programs .
•  Use the PC Decrapifier .
•  Use Revo Uninstaller best.
Using only one of these methods is sufficient.
Use Windows’ Add/Remove Programs
The easiest way to remove programs is to use Windows’
Add/Remove programs. While this method is the easiest, it is
not the best because programs, even after removal, leave junk
on your hard drive. I recommend Revo Uninstaller if you want
to completely remove a program. To remove a program:
1.  Click Start > Run or use Winkey+R.
2.  Type appwiz.cpl and press Enter.
3.  Click the program you want to remove.
4.  Click Uninstall and follow the on-screen prompts.
Use the PC Decrapifier
If you have a newer PC, there may be a lot of trial software,
coined “bloatware”. The PC Decrapifier is designed to remove a
specific list of unwanted software in an unattended fashion.
The PC does not need to be new; however, the older the PC is,
the less likely it will have any of the software it can detect.

Simply download PC Decrapifier, and run the EXE. There is no
installation necessary. Your anti-virus software may complain
about this program; however, these warnings can be safely
When it runs, you will be presented with a wizard-style dialog
box that steps you through the entire process. You will be able
to pick and choose what programs you want to remove. The
program will not remove anything, without prompting you first.
Click the Next button and it will begin cleaning your PC. If it
does not find anything, a pop-up box will notify you of this and
the program will exit and not modify your PC.
Use Revo Uninstaller
The final, and most thorough method, of software removal is to
use Revo Uninstaller. Revo Uninstaller is primarily designed to
ensure programs are properly removed from your computer.
Revo is freeware and is available to all those who want to
ensure their computer is clean and working at its best.
Download Revo Uninstaller.
Installing Revo is a simple as any other program. Once you’ve
installed and started Revo, you are presented with a list of
currently installed programs: