targeted cpc Google’s AdSense program

targeted cpc Google’s AdSense program

• Understand the logic behind CPC and
contextual ad programs
• Get to know the terminology of the web
 advertising business
• Create a realistic plan based on the
revenue you can expect from CPC advertising
with google adsense secrets.
• Understand both the power and pitfalls
 of contextual relevance
• Consider the architecture of web
serving of ad units
• Make a comparison of CPC ad
unit vendors
• Enroll your site in a CPC ad program

• Grab the code to use for your ad units

• Use server-side includes so that the CPC ad
 code is replicated across your site
• Choose ad formats and colors to match or
complement your site design
• If your site has enough volume to make it
feasible, investigate CPM advertising

Display and Banner Ads
There’s nothing to stop display and banner
 ads from being contextually related to the
text they accompany, and obviously it is
often a good idea. However, text ads—which
usually come in groups and have, by definition,
 text—present a greater opportunity
for effective contextual relevance.

With CPM cost per thousand impressions
 advertising, you get paid a fee, based  on
 thousands of impressions, when an ad is
 displayed on your site. This is the kind
of web advertising that is the most like traditional
media advertising.

Once you’ve chosen the kinds of ads
you want to serve, you can choose
ad formats—meaning the size of the
ad unit and number of ads—and colors
 for your site.

CPC ad programs other than Google and Yahoo.
While Google’s AdSense program works
astonishingly well for many smaller publishers,
there are some reasons publishers might like
 to investigate working with one of
AdSense’s smaller competitors:
• You’d like more control over the ads that
 appear on your site, perhaps even to the
extent of approving each ad before it can be
 served on your web pages.
• Your site features content that is not
acceptable to Google, such as adult content.
• You’d like to understand exactly what
advertisers are paying for the ads and exactly
how much commission is being deducted;
maybe you’d like to approve some ads
only if the price is right.
• You want to make sure you have a viable
 alternative to Google in case something
goes wrong with your Google account.

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