India is Facebook’s Second Largest Market

India is the second largest market of the social
networking website Facebook.When Facebook gets involved,
 relationships can quickly  fall apart as Hosni Mubarak
 and Muammar Gaddafi have  discovered.Social Networking
 sites have been embraced by  white people since their
 inception. Because these sites  use profile pages.

The Facebook and international business, finance, economic
 and political news, comment and analysis,including local Fan,
friends.Facebook has had wild success with its push into
 emerging markets.

India has been tipped to overtook the US and Brazil to become
 Facebook's largest userbase within the next three years.
Popular social networking site Facebook expect India to become
its No 1 market in terms of number of users, leaving the US
and Indonesia.

The latest industry estimates from eMarketer suggest that
 India could be Facebook’s largest market.India is set to
overtake the U.S. as the world’s largest Facebook market
 by number of users

India, where people love its social network, and they are
 joining in droves. India is one of the fastest growing
markets for Facebook.Facebook becoming more and more popular
 Connectivity and accessibility,Real Estate Market,Liberal Market.