BlackBerry Z3

BlackBerry's CEO John Chen confirmed this in an interview
 with India's Economic Times, but didn't mention specific numbers.
 He noted that the Z3 was "extremely well received" over its opening
 weekend in the two countries and that demand is continuing to be
strong. In his opinion, users enjoy the phone's screen size, battery life
 and its aggressive pricing. The Z3 sales for under $200 and packs a 5"
 qHD display with a Snapdragon 400 chipset featuring a 1.2GHz dual-core
 Krait 200 CPU. In addition, Mr. Chen said that the BlackBerry Passport
 and BlackBerry Classic will be released later this year but wasn't any more
 specific than that. The company's partnership with Foxconn, which is
 making the Z3, isn't exclusive, he shares in the interview.

If BlackBerry deems other outsourcing solution more financially viable,
 it's going to consider moving production of future devices to them.
However, the company's CEO didn't specify if we should expect
 more affordable devices with the BlackBerry logo. Both the
Passport and Classic are expected to be priced higher than the Z3.