Exynos 5433-powered-Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung N910C is powered by a Exynos 5433 not to be
 confused with the Exynos 5430 found in the Galaxy Alpha,
while the N910S is based on Snapdragon 805. The new Exynos
 chipset moves to 64-bit processing with four Cortex-A57 cores
 and four Cortex-A53. Those are the successors to the 32-bit
A15 and A7 respectively but implement the ARMv8-A instructions
 set same as Apple's Cyclone cores. The Snapdragon 805 uses
32-bit Krait 450 cores. The chipset also brings a new generation
 of GPU, the Mali-T760, the third generation of the architecture
behind the Mali-T628 that powers Galaxy Alpha's chipset. The
Qualcomm chipset brings a next-gen GPU as well, Adreno 420.
 The Galaxy Note 4 will have 3GB of RAM in both its Exynos
and Snapdragon versions.  It helps that it has faster access to
 RAM too. The new Mali-T760 has an edge over the new
Adreno 420 at the QHD resolution of the Galaxy Note 4 screen.
 We added the score to our own charts and the new Samsung-made
 chipset certainly seems impressive. It offers a small improvement
over the 5430 but the thing to keep in mind here is that Android
 4.4 isn't optimized for the new instruction set used in the Exynos
 chipset and the QHD screen resolution.