start making money with AdSense-AdSense Fundamentals

AdSense Fundamentals

• Apply and get accepted by Google’s AdSense program
• File an IRS form W-9 (or other appropriate tax form) with Google
• Generate AdSense for Content ad and link unit code for your site
• Place the code in your pages
• If you have a mobile site, add AdSense for Mobile units to the mobile site
• Add AdSense search boxes to your site
• Create a custom search results page that echoes the look and feel of your site
• Create custom channels to track your ads and to offer targeted ad placements
• Create custom palettes to complement your web designs
• Add AdSense for Feeds to your syndication feeds
• Aggregate  your  feeds  from  a  single  source  such  as  a  WordPress
 blog  using FeedBurner
• Add any parked domains you have to the AdSense for
 Domains program
• Add video units to sites with appropriate content

Google Adsence Tips

The most important statistic for you to pay attention to is the CTR,
 or click-through rate. CTR measures the percentage of times visitors
 click, and can be broken down on the basis of what is being clicked
 into Page CTR -page percentage click-through rate,
Ad Unit CTR-ad unit percentage click-through rate, and Ad CTR -the
 percentage of times an individual ad is clicked. Page CTR tells you how
 effective your pages are as hosts for advertising, and Ad and Ad Unit
 CTR tell you how well specific ads and ad configurations work.

AdSense Impressions
An ad impressionis recorded each time an AdSense ad unit is displayed.
 A  page impressionis recorded each time a web page containing an
AdSense ad unit is displayed. A single display of a web page containing
 three ad units would produce one page impression and three ad impressions.

AdSense Clicks
A visitor’s click on an ad on a publisher’s page. Public service ad clicks
 are not included in this statistic.