AdSense Basics Tips Lasting

AdSense for your maximum CPC

 With link units, they either work really well or they bomb completely. The
only way to know is to test link units on your site and see how they perform
for you. Try different configurations and locations. If they’re going to work,
you’ll find your sweet spot. All you have to do is watch the change adding up.

All buttons of various sizes

When you’re setting up your referral button ads, you can select up
to 15 different ads to rotate through the referral button. So, if you choose to use a
125x125 square referral button, you can have referrals from up to 15 different

That doesn’t mean you have to choose 15 companies to refer
visitors to. You can select just 1, 5, or 12 if you like — whatever works best
for your site.

 As an added bonus, with referral button ads, you get to choose exactly the
companies that you want to show referrals for. You’re not surprised by an ad
from a competitor or a company you’re not willing to endorse.

Themed ads
Themed units are basically text ads that have a specific theme. Google offers
these around holiday times, and they just appear in your ad structure. You
don’t have to do anything special to use themed units — they’re
 automatically enabled in your ads when you set up your AdSense account.

The AdSense way of doing things is pretty much the same across all ad
formats — visitor clicks ad, you get money. Mobile ads do have onewrinkle
that you haven’t seen in other types of ads, though, and that’s the Click
to Call link. This link allows visitors to click the link and place a call to the
advertiser. It’s a cool feature.

Truth is that this link works just like any other link in an ad. You get paid for
mobile ads whenever your site visitors click the ad links. That includes the
Click to Call link. Like other types of AdSense ads, the amount of payment
is determined by the payments that advertisers make when their ads are
displayed. It’s a formula that Google keeps closely guarded, but it works the
same as AdSense for Content and other types of AdSense

Graphical ads, including button ads, are better
suited for the outer edges of your pages, such
as on the sides, top, or bottom of your site.
Remember that ads on the top right, above the
fold, tend to work best, but with referral ads, you
can move them down the page and even to the
bottom of the page. Referral ads appear more
natural than other types of ads in those locations, so you don’t lose
 as much performance as you might with a different type of ad.

Optimizing Your Site for Search Engines
Search engine optimization is a lot like trying to catch the steam that you
breathe on a cold winter day. You can see it. You know it exists, but there’s
no way to actually contain and quantify the steam. You can see the results
of SEO and you can figure out how best to achieve it, but it’s still possible to
do everything right and not achieve the ultimate goal — landing the very first
listing on a search engine results page, or SERP.

The CPC,or cost-per-click,is the amount that it costs an advertiser every
time one of their ads based on that keyword is clicked. That amount is
paid to Google, which then distributes portions of the money to AdSense
publishers that allow those ads to be shown on their Web sites.

What’s considered a good CTR is a hard figure
to nail down. It’s against Google’s policies for
publishers to publicly discuss the results they
have with the AdSense program. So, despite
the fact that you may have seen discussions
about it on the Internet, you should avoid following suit.
Still, it helps to have a general idea of what you can expect .

Keep in mind that whatever keywords you choose should be used intelligently
on your Web page. If you include the keywords but don’t use them properly,
you’ll do yourself more harm than good by causing inappropriate ads to
appear or by causing Google to disqualify your site from the AdSense program
for not following proper Web design practices.

Several different sizes of vertical link units make it easier to
 integrate them into the sidebars on your Web site. When
you tweak colors with the color pallets provided by Google,
you can make them appear as if they’re an intentional part
of your site design.

Select the channel you want to use to track your ad and then click
Continue. Remember that channels are categories that you create
 so you can keep up with how specific ads perform.