AdSense-Social Media Marketing

AdSense-Social Media Marketing

Social marketing is a relatively new concept
 that’s based on a phenomenon that’s grown
 despite the fact that no marketing experts
saw it coming, and it’s all based on social
networks, such as those brought into being by
MySpace and Facebook.

The idea with social networks is that you
 have an online community where
you can connect and share with people
 who have the same interests that you
do. For some, that might be an interest in
 specific people or hobbies. For others,
the interest could surround employment
 or education.

What’s important is that a social network lets
you create a circle of like-minded friends and
acquaintances — also called a community.

For example, with MySpace, the concept is to
 build a home page where you and your friends
 can connect.

You can also connect with others who are potential friends because they can
view your MySpace page and learn about you and your interests.
If you’re marketing with social networking, create your network, and as you have
something to market, share it with that group of friends in your community.
They then share it with their friends, and before you know it, a network that’s
far beyond the group you could reach on your own knows what you’re doing.
Here’s the catch with social media marketing though: If you develop a social
network specifically to sell something to the people in that network, you’ll fall
right on your face. Really. Social networks are created by people who have
something to share with other people who think like them. If you barge into the
network with a sales pitch and nothing more, you’ll be completely ostracized.
To be truly effective, you have to actually participate in the communities that
you join. That means interacting with people and offering up something that
others can use most of the time without expecting anything in return.
If you really want to see how social media marketing works, check out some
of the organizations that have successful sites on MySpace or Facebook —
Christian bands like Three Days Grace, for example. To get to the point
where a social media marketing strategy is successful requires a lot of effort
and attention, but the results can be very much worth the time you put into
developing your place on the network