Hollywood Film Awards

“This was a great opportunity for a studio and its talent,
 especially now that the show is on CBS regardless
 of the ratings – 4.1 million – essentially, a free ad for
 a movie that is about to be released.

The telecast itself told viewers right at the beginning
 that they would be getting a look at “the highly
anticipated movies you are going to want to see

” and that it would serve as “a guide to films that are
going to be coming to theaters” according to the
 Hollywood Reporter.THR.COM “For movies that
 have not yet been seen by the vast majority of
 moviegoers – i.e. Unbroken,Still Alice, Foxcatcher,
The Imitation Game, etc. – the motivations and benefits
 of a HFA appearance are even clearer.”
THR.COM Winners: Hollywood Film Awards 2014
 “I think that the holier-than-thou crowd could use a
reality check: Even the Oscars, that oldest and most
revered of awards season institutions, was created as a
 promotional vehicle for the movies made by the studios whose leaders founded the Academy