Advanced Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or shortly SEO
 is advanced and very popular
webmaster related option. Allows you to
 optimize your site or Blogger powered
blog to be much more search engine friendly.

Keywords are very necessary for better
 SEO of your blog. By default, Blogger
doesn't have Keyword tags included.
 Very un-professional and definitely not
good for search engines.

Keyword tags helps search engine
 to get visitor to your site. But  this let all
 to know which keywords you should attach
 on your site.

You need to select right keywords, related to your
 blog purpose.

DO NOT insert too many keywords in your tag.
 Recommended leight is 20-25 keywords max.

Pictures- Great tool with some unique features
like automatic effects or watermark inclusion,
 image alt tags, shadows, position and more.
Tables- Insert tables easily in your weblog,
without using any other external applications
 or services.

Tags- Easily insert tags for your blog posts.
 Supports tags from Technorati,
LiveJournal, Flickr,

Insert Video- Easily upload or insert video
 to your weblog using this function.
Great tool for blogs with lot video integrated.

Insert Hyperlink- Of course you can add links
 with this nice tool. Advanced options are
available also. So everything you need is here.