Advanced google adsense optimization tips

Advanced google adsense optimization tips

visitors come to the  site and he search for info so  that
keep  prominent info,links,keyword in the website pages.
Add 'Follow Related Posts link' to  the website so  that
visitors click those link.

Website theme compatibility view is the great part.
Website theme color must  be light so that ppl can read
it for long time and view all AdSense Ads.

The top level performing ad units for AdSense are
160×600, 336×280 and 300×250.
336×280 large rectangle.
300×250 inline rectangle.
160×600 wide skyscraper.

Place AdSense Ads at left or right section on the website.
Add read more botton for every post.

 Add colors that blend well with the site. Matches
 the background color.

 Add the website at Google AdSense Channels.

 You can add upto 3 Google AdSense Ad Units and upto
  3 Google AdSense Link unit plus One or Two Search Box maximum
   on any single page.
Select the Right Keywords
Google AdSense Ads that show  on the basic of  your
web pages are determined by many keyfactors,You need to do some
keyword research then the Google display relevant ads.

Link Share-Share the website link every where for more visitors

Contextual: Uses such factors as keyword analysis, word frequency,
 font size, and the overall link structure of the Web site to determine
 what a Web page is about and to precisely match ads to each page.

Placement: Advertisers choose specific ad placements sections of
specific Web sites they’ve take a shine to on which to run their ads.
Ads that are placement-targeted may not exactly jive with the content of
your page, but they’re hand-picked by advertisers who believe there’s
a match between what your users are interested in and what the
advertiser is advertising. For the privilege of making these specific choices,
the advertiser pays a slightly higher fee.
As a publisher, you benefit because you’ll be paid every time
someone comes to your site and sees
the ad rather than by the number of times the ad is clicked.

AdSense income key factors

 Traffic translates into page views, and page views translate into clicks of your
AdSense ads. The more clicks you get, the better your income. Naturally, you
want to do everything you can to increase traffic to your site. Search engine
optimization is your first step. Ensure that your site is optimized for search
engines, and the traffic on your Web site will increase dramatically as your
search engine rankings rise.