Google SEO Tool for SEO Audit

That said you should learn Javascript and
 the reference to Google Spreadsheet.
All combined you will get Google Apps
 Script for Spreadsheet -

As for the scraping bit, you can set a timer
 and using the XML parser object you can
 get some very basic or very complex
 output in the spreadsheet.

However, as a general recommendation I would
 refrain from spending time in tools that are not
going to give you any useful insights for your SEO campaign.

Add unique title meta into each page that call web seo in case
 of large number of pages, you should be able
 to add them dynamically by replacing product name,
category etc.

Add unique page name without query string meaningful name
add content into respective pages

It allows user to generate sitemap.xml, google analytics
 and other tracking script insertion and if require,
 you can also generate Google FEED.

These are some basic and important requirements.
If you think you can handle these, go with customized CMS.