SEO with Multiple languages-construct the URL for multiple languages

Websites that provide content for different
regions and in different languages sometimes
create content that is the same or similar but
available on different URLs. This is generally
not a problem as long as the content is for
different users in different countries.

Make URL structure
 that makes it easy to geo target parts
 of your site to different regions.

Easy to set up
Can use Webmaster Tools geo targeting
Allows different server locations
Easy separation of sites.

or it  may be

Subdirectories with gTLDs
It's working multilingual eCommerce site  SEO.
Google searches are certainly language-sensitive,
 and should return the appropriate version of the
 site when people search for it.

The domain name itself can be localized.
 Many international users may react badly
 to English words or an English sounding
domain name. This can be especially important
 for languages that do not use a Latin alphabet.

 Fully supported by Google.
Supports localization by country or by language.
Hosting can be localized by pointing DNS to a
web server located close to users.

Easy and cheap to implement compared to
 buying multiple domains.

Cookies can be shared across all locales,
enabling single sign on for a more seamless user experience.

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