Web Traffic Comparison

When you set your goals for growing your
 online business, you may, for example, target a
sales increase of 50% from search referral
 traffic. However, you may also want to take into
account where your competitor is in setting
 those goals. If your competitor has twice your
traffic, you may not be happy with a goal to
 increase your traffic by 50%.

When you measure the results of a completed
SEO campaign, it is useful to see how much your
 competitor grew during the same time frame.

Alexarelies on data obtained from users who
 have the Alexa toolbar on their
systems. This is a limited number of users,
 and of course, only certain types of people
 are willing to have the toolbar on their system.
This introduces a bias to the data, and it means it is not
completely reliable.

You can get software to artificially inflate your
 Alexa rankings by spoofing the Alexa toolbar.
 This is not something you should do, but you should understand
the issues with these types of measurement systems.

Since Google released its patent application on
 historical information in March 2005 read
more at http://www.seomoz.org/article/google-historical-data-patent,
search marketers haverecognized that trends in temporal
link and content analysis do have a real impact on rankings.

DMOZ has experienced a relative decline
 in popularity.Although DMOZ was once a
 default reference link for many sites, its relative
 influence has waned. It is likely that its traffic
 has declined in a similar fashion.