Website pages Seo Tips

Website pages Seo Tips

Search engine generates the most traffic
aollow these tips for keyword placement
 to prime your pages:

1.Use keywords in your page URLs.

2.Use them as terms in the navigation.
This doesn’t help if your navigation consists
of graphic elements. Include the same four
primary keywords you selected for optimization
in the first paragraph of text for that page.
That’s the only paragraph most search engines scan.

3.Use the same four keywords in the ALT tags.
These tags appear as a small text box when a
user hovers over a graphic or photo. Descriptive
ALT tags make Web sites accessible for the
visually impaired, but you can usually work in
 one or more of your terms.

4. Use keywords as part of the link text,
 rather than the phrase click here.

5.Some search engines use cues from
 the HTML code to distinguish text
that appears in headlines or subheads; they’re
usually a different size and/or color. If keywords
 appear in those headlines or subheads, you
might get “extra credit” in some engines.

6.Have your developer put the meta tags at
the very top of the source code.

7. Text should be the first page content that
search engines see. If a photograph appears
to the left, right, or above the first paragraph
of text on the screen, have your developer
rearrange the source code so that the
text appears first in the code.

8.You might read about keyword density or
keyword ratio.These terms refer to the
percentage of keywords versus the total
 text on the page.

9.Using the Open Directory-The Open Directory
 Project dmoz .It is an attempt to maintain a
comprehensive, human-reviewed
directory of the Web and add link on best social networking sites.