AdSense and Search Engine Optimization

AdSense and Search Engine Optimization Tips

AdSense and Search  Engine Optimization tips
our AdSense income is affected by many different factors, including
how much advertisers are willing to pay for ads and how much Google
decides to take for its trouble. As for factors that you, as an AdSense user,
can actually affect, site design, of all things, is probably the most important
because the design of your site affects the way that search engines rank the
site in search results. The higher your site ranks, the more traffic that hits
your Web site, which means (potentially) more AdSense income.

Traffic translates into page views, and page views translate into clicks of your
AdSense ads. The more clicks you get, the better your income. Naturally, you
want to do everything you can to increase traffic to your site. Search engine
optimization is your first step. Ensure that your site is optimized for search
engines, and the traffic on your Web site will increase dramatically as your
search engine rankings rise.

Search engine optimization is a lot like trying to catch the steam that you
breathe on a cold winter day. You can see it. You know it exists, but there’s
no way to actually contain and quantify the steam. You can see the results
of SEO and you can figure out how best to achieve it, but it’s still possible to
do everything right and not achieve the ultimate goal — landing the very first
listing on a search engine results page, or SERP.

Web crawlers are programs that travel around the Internet examining and
 categorizing Web pages by keyword. That’s how search engines, like Google, know to
return your Web site when someone searches for a specific keyword or phrase.
The crawler has already had a look-see and has placed your Web page into a
category along with all the other sites on the Web that fit into that category.

Adsense Optimization Google Adsense program, gives you relevant ads targeting your website.

The crawler uses a very lengthy and complicated algorithm as its search
formula. The algorithm compares the number of times a keyword is used to
indicators that tell it if that keyword is important on the Web site. Like color
coding, that algorithm makes it possible to define a Web site in terms of how
it relates to a specific topic.

You need a larger pool of
keywords to get you started. If you keep brainstorming additional words,
you’ll probably come up with the following keywords:
Search engine
Linking strategy
Alt tags
Social media
That’s just the short list. If you really put some time into brainstorming the
SEO topic, you could come up with a couple hundred words. And don’t forget
phrases, too — up to three words. They’re more useful and help you target
better than just single words.
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Google Adsense & Search Engine Optimization

When you do return to the list, read through it slowly and take the time to consider each word while you read it. Ask if a particular word is really a term that
a searcher would use to find your Web site or a page on your site. If the answer
is a resounding “No,” cross the word off the list. When you’re done, you should
have a reasonably sized list from which to choose that magic number of words.

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