Effort To Build a Clandestine Cell Phone Network

Electronic surveillance has raised concerns
 among Americans and pushed an estimated
 30% of them to protect their privacy in some
 form. Artist Curtis Wallen has taken that effort
 to dramatic lengths, documenting how to create
a "clandestine communications network" using
 pre-paid phones, Tor, Twitter, and encryption.

The approach, which attempts to conceal any
encryption that could raise suspicions, is "very passive"
 says Wallen, so "there's hardly any trace that an
 interaction even happened." This is not easy, of
course. In fact, as he discovered while researching
 faulty CIA security practices, it's really, comically
 hard. "If the CIA can't even keep from getting
betrayed by their cell phones, what chance do
we have?" he says. Still, he believes his system
 could theoretically keep users' activities hidden,
 and while it's hard, it's not impossible.