Marketing Your Site with google

Google explicitly states that sites created
 through Page Creator will not be given
preferential treatment in its search engine
 result listings. The most effective way to
advertise your site is to provide links to
other, similarly-oriented Web pages.
You lookup such sites using Google’s
own search engine. If you sell flower
 arrangements, for instance, look up sites
 that sell plant food or flower pots.
In addition to using Google’s AdWords.

you should look around for other places
online to which you think linking would be
 appropriate. Don’t hesitate to contact
their webmasters and see if they’ll link back
 to your site. The more connections you
make, the better a chance you have of
getting noticed.

A Web site’s life blood is the community
 that frequents it. Think about fast-rising and
hugely successful sites like YouTube, Flickr,
 or MySpace. They all built their successes
 on creating an environment that kept users
 coming back for more. The bestway to
accomplish this is to create a Web page
 where people feel that they have stake
in its existence: you want visitors to have
 a sense that they are, in some way visiting
not just your site, but their site, too.

Page Creator is primarily intended to
 make it quick and easy for you to publish
content online. It’s not intended to let your
 visitorsadd their content. But you can still
add such features to a site you create with Page
Creator by creating them with other programs
 and linking them to your site. And you
can always create a blog with Google, which
 includes the ability to let visitors comment
on your postings. The best approach for now
would be to welcome user feedback and respond
in a timely manner, plus regular updates.

AdSense gives anyone with a Web site the
 ability to place ads there from Google.
Google makes sure the ads relate in some
 way to the content on the Web page. You’ve
probably seen AdSense ads before; they’re
 the contextual ads that often appear in a
block of two or three and are often lined up
 vertically on the page.