PHPINFO-Displaying information about the PHP environment

PHPINFO-Displaying information

PHPINFO-about the PHP environment

Functions that are built into PHP can be called from
any PHP script. When you call functions, you are
executing the code inside them, except the code
 is reusable and more maintainable.
Phpinfo- It returns configuration and technical information
 about your PHP installation. The function helps you
 diagnose common problems and issues.
You may find that this is one of the most helpful
places to look when checking to see whether
 you meet the requirements of a PHP script.

To call a function, write the name of the function
 followed by an opening parenthesis , the parameters, and then
a closing parenthesis , followed by a semicolon ;
. It would look like this: function_name(parameters);.
 Function names aren't case sensitive, so calling phpinfo
 is the same as calling PhpInfo.