Tracking Mobile Traffic

we will dive deeper into mobile traffic, but
while we are on the topic of
tracking traffic, you will want to look for
 some of the differences between your mobile
and desktop users. While the search algorithms
 do not change much based on device
type,  user  behavior  can.  For  example,
 with  mobile  users,  you  may  see  more  local
searches and results showing up than with desktop users.

Mobile App Analytics – Google Analytics
Google Analytics for mobile apps lets you measure
 user behavior in your app from installs to engagement and purchase. 

 People coming to your site
on a mobile device may also gravitate toward other
 sections of your site than traditional
desktop users. Log and track what parts of your site
 each segment of traffic is going to,
and what sorts of tools they utilize on your site.
For example, you may find that a store
locator is heavily used on mobile devices.
To improve this experience for users, you
may try to implement geolocation detection.