How to Personalizing Google News

Google News lets you rearrange its home page
 at will, andby clicking the Personalize this page link you can either choose to add or remove
standard sections or create a custom section to this Google Web page. You can also
add Google News to your personal Google start page. But your personalized start
page is not the same as the home page of your business’s Web site. Your Web site is
your public face to the world, while your personalized start page is something only
you see. By adding Google News to your start page, you get your own news more
quickly. Just follow these steps:

1. Go to your Google Apps Start Page by going to,
clicking Returning user, sign in here, entering your domain name, and clicking
2. Click on the ‘‘Add Stuff’’ button in the top-right corner of your homepage.
(This will open the Google homepage directory.)
3. Click on the ‘‘News’’ link on the left.
4. Click on the ‘‘Google News’’ gadget to add it to your page.
It would be nice if you could select a set of news headlines in a particular category,
such as fashion or banking, and add the headlines to your own home page.