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LG G3 screenies-come

The overall look and feel of the latest Optimus UI on top of Android 4.4 KitKat
 is very clean and flat, a trend that a lot of manufacturers are embracing. Everything from the icons, launcher and notification drawer is less cluttered and looks very nice. The quick settings toggles are rounded icons, similarly to the latest Samsung TouchWiz UI on the Galaxy S5. The position of the QSlide Apps

 remains unchanged, but still, the notification drawer seems too busy for our taste. Here's a full resolution screenshot for you to gaze at, as we had to shrink the rest to a reasonable web-friendly size. LG G3 QHD resolution screenshot Unrelated to these screen caps, recent rumors claim the LG G3 is going to be based on the Japanese LG isai FL, which leaked a few days ago. The Japan-only smartphone sports a quad-core Snapdragon 801 SoC, clocked at 2.5GHz, a 5.5-inch LCD rumored to have 2560x1440 resolution, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal memory with microSD support, 3000mAh battery, and an IPX7 rating,

which means it is water resistant. Do you like the look of the new and upcoming Optimus UI better than the old one.

Backing Up and Restoring Data MySQL

Even the best maintained databases occasionally develop problems. Hardware failures, in particular, can really throw a monkey wrench into your web pages. Now that you're using a database, just backing up the files (HTML, PHP, and images) on your web server isn't enough. There's nothing worse than informing your web users that they have to reenter information, such as their accounts, or have to recreate your catalog items. Having a complete backup can make the difference between an hour of down time and having to recreate the wheel. There are a couple of tactics that we'll discuss for backing up your database data.

Copying Database Files

You can also do a simple file backup of your MySQL database's datafiles, in the same way that you can back up your HTML and PHP files. If you can back up files, you can back up the MySQL database files.
We don't recommend this tactic for moving a database from one machine to another server, since different versions of MySQL may expect these files to be in a different format. MySQL stores its datafiles in a special data directory that is usually located in C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 4.1\data\[database_name] on Windows and in /var/lib/mysql on Unix variants such as Linux and Mac OS X.
To fully back up and restore a MySQL database using your current datafiles, all the files must be replaced in the same directory from which they were backed up. Then, the database must be restarted.

The mysqldump Command

It's better to use the MySQL command-line tool for making complete database backups. The same tools you'll use to back up and restore can also be used to change platforms or move your database from one server to another; mysqldump creates a text file containing the SQL statements required to rebuild the database objects and insert the data. The mysqldump command is accessible from the command line and takes parameters for backing up a single table, a single database, or everything. The command's syntax is:
mysqldump -u user -p objects_to_backup

The default mode for mysqldump is to export to backup and then to standard output, which is usually the screen.

Backing up
We're going to show you the commands to back up a database called test from the shell prompt.
mysqldump -u root -p test > my_backup.sql

This tells mysqldump to log into the database as the root user with a password of barney, and to back up the test database. The output of the command is saved to a file called my_backup.sql with the help of the redirect character also known as the greater-than symbol >.

To back up only a single table from a database, simply add the table name after the database name. For example, the command below illustrates how to back up only the authors table:
$ mysqldump -u root -p test authors > authors.sql

Most of the time, you'll just want to back up everything in the database. To do this, use the --all-databases command-line switch. The resulting database backup file will contain the commands necessary to create the databases and users, making a complete database restore a snap. Here's how to use this parameter:
$ mysqldump -u root -p --all-databases > my_backup.sql

To create an empty copy of your databasejust the structurefor testing, use the --no-data switch:
$ mysqldump -u root -p --no-data test > structure.sql

You can also do the opposite and just back up the data with the --no-create-info switch like this:
$ mysqldump -u root -p --no-create-info test > data.sql

Of course, having a backup of your database doesn't do you much good if you don't know how to restore the database from it.

Depending on how critical your data is and how often it changes, you can determine how often to back it up. As a rule, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly are the most common schedules. If your business is completely dependent on your database, you should do a weekly backup schedule, if not backing up daily. Also, keeping a copy of the data in a separate location is a good idea in the event of large scale disasters, such as a fire. A client of ours keeps bi-monthly backups in a fire safe at the office, whereas another client sends the data to a backup service. A backup service can use physical hard drives, tapes, or CDs, or can log into your server and perform the backup electronically.

Managing the Database

Creating Users

To create users above and beyond the default privileged root user, issue the grant command. The grant command uses this syntax:

For example:
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'michele'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'secret';

This creates the user michele who can access anything locally. To change to the michele user, at the mysql command prompt, type:

Then start MySQL from the command line with the new username and password. The syntax for specifying the username and password when starting MySQL is:
mysql -h hostname -u username -ppassword

If you don't want users to access tables other than their own, replace * with the name of the user's database, like this:
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `store`.* TO 'michele'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'secret';

You'll need to run the above line as root or as someone with permission. In the above code, the word store correlates to the database name to which privileges are assigned, which you'll create in the next section.

8.2.2. Creating a MySQL Database

You're going to create a database called store. The create database command works like this:

If this works, you'll get a result like this one:
Query OK, 1 row affected 0.03 sec
To start using this database, type:
USE `store`;
You will get the result:
Database changed.
Assuming you've done everything correctly, you'll be set up with new data and selected it for use. Creating tables is an important concept, so that's where we're headed!.

To rename a table, use ALTER TABLE table RENAME newtable. In this example, we are renaming the table from books to publications.
ALTER TABLE `books` RENAME `publications`;


Why MySQL Database?

MySQL has its own client interface, allowing you to move data around and change database configuration. Note that you must use a password to log in. Assigning database users allows you to limit access to server tables that have multiple users. Each MySQL server, where tables are grouped together, can host many databases. Normally, a web application has its own proprietary database.
You may have installed MySQL yourself or have access through your ISP. Most ISPs that support PHP also provide a MySQL database for your use. Should you have difficulty, check their support pages or contact them to determine connection details. You'll need to know the following:
  • The IP address of the database server
  • The name of the database
  • The username
  • The password
If you've installed MySQL on your computer, you'll be able to use the defaults from the installation and the password you specified. This chapter looks at two ways to communicate with MySQL, the command line and phpMyAdmin, a web-based tool.

Once you reach the command line, type mysql and press Enter. The syntax for the mysql command is:
mysql -h hostname -u user -p

If you've installed MySQL on your computer, the default username is root. You can omit the hostname flag and value. Enter your password when MySQL displays the Enter password prompt.

At the MySQL prompt, you can enter database commands followed by Enter. There is also a set of commands that MySQL itself interprets. For a list of these commands, type help or \h at the mysql> prompt.  

Command prompt meanings
Waiting for a command
Waiting for the next line of a command
Waiting for the next line of a string that starts with a single quote
Waiting for the next line of a string that starts with a double quote

MySQL client commands
Exit the command-line utility
Database name
Use a specific database
tables or databases
Show lists such as tables or databases available
Table name
Describe a table's columns
Display database version and status
Execute commands from a file as a script

To display the available databases, type:


Advantages of Using PHP with MySQL

Advantages of Using PHP with MySQL


There are several factors that make using PHP and MySQL together a natural choice:

PHP and MySQL work well together
PHP and MySQL have been developed with each other in mind, so they are easy to use together. The programming interfaces between them are logically paired up. Working together wasn't an afterthought when the developers created the PHP and MySQL interfaces.

PHP and MySQL have open source power
As they are both open source projects, PHP and MySQL can both be used for free. MySQL client libraries are no longer bundled with PHP. Advanced users have the ability to make changes to the source code, and therefore, change the way the language and programs work.

PHP and MySQL have community support
There are active communities on the Web in which you can participate and they'll answer your questions. You can also purchase professional support for MySQL if you need it.

PHP and MySQL are fast
Their simplicity and efficient design enables faster processing.

PHP and MySQL don't bog you down with unnecessary details.
You don't need to know all of the low-level details of how the PHP language interfaces with the MySQL database, as there is a standard interface for calling MySQL procedures from PHP. Online APIs at http://www.php.net offer an unlimited resource.

As we mentioned above, both PHP and MySQL are open source projects, so there's no need to worry about user licenses for every computer in your office or home. In open source projects and technologies, programmers have access to the source code; this enables individual or group analysis to identify potentially problematic code, test, debug, and offer changes as well as additions to that code. For example, Unixthe forerunner in the open source software communitywas freely shared with university software researchers. Linux, the free alternative to Unix, is a direct result of their efforts and the open source licensing paradigm.

PHP is ubiquitous and compatible with all major operating systems. It is also easy to learn, making it an ideal tool for web-programming beginners. Additionally, you get to take advantage of a community's effort to make web development easier for everyone. The creators of PHP developed an infrastructure that allows experienced C programmers to extend PHP's abilities. As a result, PHP now integrates with advanced technologies like XML, XSL, and Microsoft's COM. At this juncture, PHP 5.0 is being used.

MySQL was developed in the 1990s to fill the ever-growing need for computers to manage information intelligently. The original core MySQL developers were trying to solve their needs for a database by using mSQL, a small and simple database. It become clear that mSQL couldn't solve all the problems they wanted it to, so they created a more robust database that turned into MySQL
MySQL supports several different database engines. The database engine determines how MySQL handles the actual storage and querying of the data. Because of that, each storage engine has its own set of abilities and strengths.


PHP function using PDO for databse

function db_connect()
    $dsn = "mysql:host=localhost;dbname=test;charset=utf8";
    $opt = array(
    return new PDO($dsn,'root','', $opt);
$pdo = db_connect();

but note again - unlike with mysql_query(), you have to always use this $pdo variable for your queries.
you need not a boolean but PDO object. 
  • PDO is OO, meaning the connection to the database is represented by a PDO Object.
  • Your db_connect() function should return the object that gets created.
  • Passing in the parameters required by PDO will give you more flexibility!

Create the months table With MySQL

Create the months table as follows:
   month VARCHAR (20),
   days INT,
   PRIMARY KEY (month_id)); 
To add the months to the new table, specify:
INSERT INTO months VALUES (NULL,'January',31);
INSERT INTO months VALUES (NULL,'February',28);
INSERT INTO months VALUES (NULL,'March',31);
INSERT INTO months VALUES (NULL,'April',30);
INSERT INTO months VALUES (NULL,'May',31);
 INSERT INTO months VALUES (NULL,'June',30);
INSERT INTO months VALUES (NULL,'July',31);
INSERT INTO months VALUES (NULL,'August',31);
INSERT INTO months VALUES (NULL,'September',30);
 INSERT INTO months VALUES (NULL,'October',31);
INSERT INTO months VALUES (NULL,'November',30);
INSERT INTO months VALUES (NULL,'December',31);

Monday, 21 April 2014

Nokia Oyj

The Microsoft acquisition of Nokia Contrivances and Accommodations is expected to close later
 this month and to prepare for the transition a letter has been sent out to Nokia's supplier base.

The letter, which has leaked online, suggests that Nokia Oyj will get an incipient name: Microsoft Mobile Oy. The company is going to subsist as a plenarily-owned Microsoft subsidiary and as you would expect it is going to handle the mobile contrivances engenderment. The letter reveals that current terms and conditions that suppliers were having with Nokia until now will not be transmuted.

Nokia is keeping its relationship with subsisting supplier partners, but considering the company's main operations remain NSN, HERE Maps and Advanced Technology unit, it may not soon need some of them, as most deal with hardware. Nokia has been rumored to be working on a smartwatch, but we don't ken if the company is going to keep the development.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Oppo N1

Oppo N1

Oppo N1, the company's last year flagship smartphone is now available for
 a discounted price tag in Europe. The smartphone can now be picked from
the Oppo Style webstore for €369 (about $500). Oppo N1 on a mundane day
costs $449 about $620, but the store is offering the smartphone for a bargain
 price as a promotional campaign. The deal is applicable to the 16GB white

version and is valid until April 25. However, please note that Oppo Style Store
 ships their products only to certain regions across the globe. For your mazuma,
 you will be getting 5.9-inch exhibit with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels.

The smartphone features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chipset with 1.7 GHz quad-core
 processor, Adreno 320 GPU and 2 GB of RAM. There is a 13 megapixel swirling
camera with dual-LED flash and you get 16 GB of internal storage. You can check
 out our detailed review of Oppo N1 to ken more about the smartphone.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Jobs At ISRO Development and Educational Communication

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) 
Development and Educational Communication Unit (DECU),  Ahmedabad

ISRO SAC Development and Educational Communication Unit, Ahmedabad invites online application for the following posts :

  1. Social Research Officer - C : 01 post 
  2. Junior Producer : 01 post
  3. Social Research Assistant : 03 posts
  4. Programme Assistant : 03 posts
  5. Technical Assistant (Sound Recording) : 01 post
  6. Scientific Assistant - A (Multimedia) : 05 posts
  7. Media Library Assistant - A : 01 post
  8. Library Assistant - A : 01 post
How to apply : The application for on-line registration is hosted in the ISRO web-site between 16/04/2014 and 05/05/2014.

More Details  http://www.sac.isro.gov.in 

Job At IIT Kanpur

IIT Kanpur invites online applications for the following posts on Regular/ Deputation/ contract basis for a period of 5 years which is extendable on noteworthy performance :

  1. Medical Officer : 01 post
  2. Junior Superintendent : 04 posts
  3. Sanitary Inspector Gr.I : 01 post
  4. Junior Technical Superintendent : 22 posts
  5. Junior Technician : 13 posts
  6. Junior Assistant : 10 posts
  7. Assistant Coach : 04 posts
How to Apply :  Apply Online at IIT Kanpur website on or before 05/05/2014 only.

Online application form,  http://www.iitk.ac.in/infocell/recruitment/

Friday, 18 April 2014

Job for Faculty National Institute of Technology

Advertisement for Faculty Positions

NIT Arunachal Pradesh  invites Online applications from Indian nationals for following Faculty posts :

  • Professor / Associate Professor : in Computer Science & Engineering/ Electronics & Communication Engineering/ Electrical Engineering 
  • Assistant Professor : in Civil Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering / Mathematics
Application Fee : Rs.600/- (Rs.150/- for SC/ST) in the form of Bank Draft, payable  in favour of National Institute of Technology payable at SBI, Nirjuli.

How to Apply : Apply Online at NIT Arunachal website and send printout of the system generated application form should be dispatched through Speed Post/Registered Post on or before 31/05/2014 to The Confidential Assistant (Miss Abi Tayeng),  National Institute of Technology (NIT), Arunachal Pradesh, Yupia, District Papum Pare,  Arunachal Pradesh - 791112 

View Details:-  http://www.nitap.in/Vacancies.aspx  


Hindustan Copper Limited (HCL) invites online applications from qualified and experienced Indian Nationals  for the following 60 posts of Executives in various disciplines and grades in :

  1. Dy. General Manager : 02 posts
  2. Assistant General Manager : 02 posts
  3. Chief Manager : 08 posts
  4. Senior Manager : 03 posts
  5. Manager : 02 posts
  6. Deputy Manager : 16 posts
  7. Assistant Manager : 27 posts
Freshers will be taken as Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET) / Management Trainee (MT)

Application Fee :  Rs.750/- in the form of DD in favour of Hindustan Copper Limited payable at Kolkata. Rs. 250/- from SC/ST/PWD/ Female candidates.
 Apply Online at Hindustan Copper website from 17/04/2014 to 16/05/2014 only.
Online application form:-  http://www.hindustancopper.com/career.asp

Thursday, 17 April 2014

LG Lucid 3-come

the new LG Lucid 3 for Verizon is a pretty decent handset, and it can be yours for $300,
no strings attached. If you don't mind signing on the dotted line for a two year agreement,
 then you could always get the device for free, which isn't bad, considering the Lucid 3's
 specs. It packs a 4.7" 960x540 display, a 1.2GHz quad core CPU, 8GB built-in storage

 with a microSD card slot, and a 5MP camera. There isn't any info on how much RAM the Lucid 3 is packing, but don't expect it to be lower than 1GB. The phone is also rocking Android
KitKat 4.4.2 out of the box, and will give you 2,440 mAh worth of juice.

The design of the device is also worth talking about: it's about the same size as the Moto X, in spite of its physical buttons. As a result, the phone has almost no bezel, which gives the illusion of it being a more premium device than it really is.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Amazon's smartphone

The images reveal the yet to be announced handset wearing typical for prototype devices, hard enclosure which hides its design. The leaked images show a whopping five front-facing camera units on the device.

One of them is tipped to serve standard video calling duties, while the remaining four snappers will play role in creating the already rumored glasses-free, head-tracking 3D effect. Reportedly, the 3D effect
 feature will be limited at the device's launch - it will be reserved for only several built-in gestures.

 However, Amazon is said to be hard at work at courting developers to cook up apps which can utilize the innovative tech. In addition to the handful of camera modules, the upcoming Amazon phone is said to feature a 4.7" 720p display and 2GB of RAM. The chipset of the device will be a yet to be known Qualcomm Snapdragon unit. Unsurprisingly, the handset will boot Amazon's modified Android build, called FireOS. Amazon's smartphone is tipped to debut as early as this coming June. The official name of the device is yet to be known.

Job At NCSCM Chennai

National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management (NCSCM)
(An Autonomous body of the Ministry of Environment  and Forests, Govt. of India)
Koodal Building, Anna University Campus, Chennai - 600025
Published by http://www.SarkariNaukriBlog.com

National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management (NCSCM) is an autonomous centre of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India :

  1. Scientist ‘F’ [Project Lead] : 05 posts, Pay Scale : Rs. 37400-67000 Grade Pay Rs. 8900/-
  2. Scientist ‘E’ [Senior Scientist] : 04 posts, Pay Scale : Rs. 37400-67000 Grade Pay Rs. 8700/-
  3. Scientist 'D' : 04 posts, Pay Scale : Rs.15600-39100  Grade Pay Rs.7600/-
  4. Scientist 'C' : 03 posts, Pay Scale : Rs.15600-39100  Grade Pay Rs.6600/-
  5. Scientist 'B' : 04 posts, Pay Scale : Rs.15600-39100  Grade Pay Rs.5400/-
  6. Software Engineer : 01 post, Pay Scale : Rs.15600-39100  Grade Pay Rs. 6600/-
  7. Junior Application Engineer : 01 post, Pay Scale : Rs.15600-39100  Grade Pay Rs. 5400/-
  8. Junior Technical Assistant : 02 posts, Pay Scale : Rs. 9300-34800  Grade Pay Rs. 4800/-
  9. Technical Assistant : 02 posts, Pay Scale : Rs. 9300-34800  Grade Pay Rs. 4800/-
  10. Data Entry Operator : 02 posts, Pay Scale : Rs. 5200-20200 Grade Pay Rs. 1900/-
  11. Senior Laboratory Assistant : 02 posts, Pay Scale : Rs.5200-20200 Grade Pay Rs. 1900/- 
  12. Field Assistant : 01 post, Pay Scale : Rs. 4440 -7440  Grade Pay Rs.1650/-
  13. Head of Administrative and Human Resources Unit : 01 post, Pay scale : Rs.37400 - 67000 Grade Pay Rs. 10000/-
  14. Head, Finance and Procurement Unit : 01 post, Pay scale : Rs.37400 - 67000 Grade Pay Rs. 10000/-
  15. Manager (Procurement) : 01 post, Pay Scale : Rs.15600 - 39100 Grade Pay Rs.6600/-
  16. Protocol Officer : 01 post, Pay Scale : Rs.15600 - 39100 Grade Pay Rs.6600/-
  17. Librarian : 01 post, Pay Scale : Rs.15600 - 39100 Grade Pay Rs.6600/-
  18. Accounts Officer (Internal Control Officer): 01 post, Pay Scale : Rs. 9300-34800 Grade Pay Rs. 4800/-
  19. Accountant : 02 posts, Pay Scale : Rs. 9300-34800 Grade Pay Rs.4200/-
  20. PS to Director : 01 post, Pay Scale : Rs. 9300-34800 Grade Pay Rs. 4200/-
  21. Stenographer : 01 post, Pay Scale : Rs. 5200-20200 Grade Pay Rs. 1900/-
  22. Office Assistant cum Driver : 01 post, Pay Scale : Rs.4440 - 7440 Grade Pay Rs.1650/-
How to Apply : Apply online at NCSCM website and hard copy of the system generated application is 30/04/2014 (last date is 15/05/2014 for the candidates from far-flung areas.

Details and online application format http://www.ncscm.org/careers

Hindustan Sambhar Salts Limited-General Manager-Job

Applications are invited from Indian Nationals for following posts :

  1. General Manager (Works) : 01 post
  2. Dy. General Manager (Finance & Accounts) : 01 post
  3. Dy. General Manager (Tech.) : 01 post
  4. Chief  Manager (PSP Plant) : 01 post
  5. Chief Medical & Health Officer : 01 post
  6. Chief Manger (Bromine Plant) : 01 post
  7. Sr. Manager (Finance & Accounts) : 01 post
  8. Sr. Manager (IT) : 01 post
  9. Sr. Manager (Civil) : 01 post
  10. Sr. Manager (Salt Washery) : 01 post
  11. Sr. Manager (Administration & Logistics) : 01 post
  12. Sr. Manager (Coml) Inputs & Logistics : 01 post
  13. Manager (Finance & Accounts) : 01 post
  14. Manager (Mines Operations) : 01 post
  15. Manager (P&A) : 01 post
  16. Medical Officer : 01 post
  17. Manager (R&D) and Quality Control) : 01 post
  18. Jr. Manager (Survey) : 01 post
How to ApplyApply online at Hindustan Sambhar Salts Limited website from 16/04/2014 to 15/05/2014.

details and online application form. http://www.indiansalt.com/careers.htm

Union Bank of India -jobs

Union Bank of India, a Leading Listed Public Sector Bank with Head Office in Mumbai and all India representation, invites Online Applications, from qualified candidates for the following posts :
  1. Economist : 02 posts (UR-1, ST-1) in Scale-II
  2. Security Officer : 40 posts ((UR-20, OBC-11, SC-6, ST-3) in Scale-I

How to Apply: Apply Online at Union Bank of India website between 21/04/2014 and 05/05/2014

http://www.unionbankofindia.co.in/abt_recruitmentaspx.aspx for online submission of application from 21st April 2014 onwards.

Assistant Professor and Contract posts-NIT Tiruchirappalli

National Institute of Technology
 Tanjore Road, Tiruchirappalli - 620015, Tamil Nadu, India

Applications are invited from Indian Nationals for the post of Assistant Professors in various Departments of National Institute of Technology (NIT), Tiruchirappalli.
  • Assistant Professor :  40 posts in various disciplines (UR-22, OBC-10, SC-5, ST-3), Pay Scale : Rs. 15600-39100 grade pay Rs. 6000 on contract basis
How to Apply : Filled up applications along with enclosures should be sent to The Register, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli – 620015. The last date for submission of completed applications is 15/05/2014.


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sprint Android 4.4.3 for the Nexus 5

Android 4.4.3 KitKat update is out today for and the Nexus 5 users on Sprint
are the first to get it. Carrying a version number KTU48F the update enables
 the device to work on Sprint's LTE network on bands 26 and 41.

 The new Android version is strictly fixing existing bugs and doesn't bring new feature or UI tweaks, as previously rumored. Google has fixed mostly bugs regarding Bluetooth and
Wi-Fi connectivity, but known problems with data connection loss, random reboots,
missed calls and various camera bugs have also been fixed. The update hasn't appeared
 on the list of factory images for Nexus devices just yet, but Sprint is currently seeding it to its customers with Nexus 5 phones.

Samsung Galaxy S5 costs

Analytics company IHS has released its teardown report of the Samsung Galaxy S5,
 which also reveals an estimate of the phone's bill of materials how much its parts cost.

 The Galaxy S5 costs Samsung about $256 to build, which is just slightly more than what the Galaxy S4 cost back in 2013 - $244. The most expensive component in the Galaxy S5 is its 5.1" full HD

 Super AMOLED display. It costs $63, which is $12 cheaper than the 5" one of the Galaxy S4.

 It appears that Samsung has managed to streamline its display production to achieve the lower price. The DRAM and flash memory of the Galaxy S5 cost $33 combined. Interestingly, according to IHS the fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy S5 costs just $4, which is significantly less expensive than the one found in the iPhone 5s. Apple spends $15 for each one they place in their current flagship phone,
 which carries a $199 bill of materials. Lastly, Galaxy S5's heart rate biosensor is made by
 chipmaker Maxim and adds $1.45 to the cost of the device.

IHS estimates the cost of assembly is $5 per device. Be wary that while this component price estimation gives a neat overview of the phone's cost, it doesn't include R&D, software, distribution and marketing costs.

Japanese market-LG G3

The Japanese market version of LG's yet to be revealed G3 flagship might have leaked

 on Twitter. A duo of press shots showing a mysterious high-end LG handset made the
rounds on the social network, courtesy of @evleaks.

LG isai for KDDI click to enlarge The leaked press photos reveal the front and the back of the yet to be announced device in blue and white color scheme. Dubbed LG isai, the smartphone is headed to KDDI in Japan. There is no word on the specs of the upcoming handset just yet.

However, LG isai impresses with ultra-slim bezels possibly to accommodate that rumored 5.5"
QHD display in a more manageable footprint). The volume rocker on the back of the leaked handset on the other hand is standard high-end LG smartphone affair.

While we don't see a physical power/lock key on the device, we wouldn't be surprised if that mysterious strip on the left of the volume rocker plays the role it could well be a fingerprint scanner too). LG isai is yet to be annoucned. We'll keep a close eye on any further details on the handset.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Basic MySQL

Basic MySQL

Create or Drop a Database

Starting with something simple, you can use the CREATE command to create a new database. The syntax is


When you create a database with this command, you're really just creating a directory to hold the files that make up the tables in the database.

To delete an entire database from the system, use the DROP command:


Be extremely careful when using the DROP command,
because once you drop the database,

You can also use the CREATE command to create a table within the current database. The syntax is

CREATE TABLE [yourTableName] ([fieldName1] (type], [fieldName2]
[type], ...) [options]

To delete a table from the current database, use the DROP command:

DROP TABLE [yourTableName];

Be extremely careful when using the DROP command, because once you drop the tables,

Altering a Table

To add a column to a table, use this:

ALTER TABLE [yourTableName] ADD [newColumn] [fieldDefinition];

To delete a column from a table, use this:

ALTER TABLE [yourTableName] DROP [columnName];

To change a column from one type to another, use this:

ALTER TABLE [yourTableName] CHANGE [columnName]

To make a unique column in your table, use this:

ALTER TABLE [yourTableName] ADD UNIQUE [columnName]

To index a column in your table, use this:

ALTER TABLE [yourTableName] ADD INDEX [columnName]

Using the ALTER command alleviates the need to delete an entire
table and re-create it .

Insert, Update, or Replace tables record

The INSERT and REPLACE commands populate your tables one record at a time. The syntax of INSERT is

INSERT INTO [yourTableName] ([fieldName1], [fieldName2], ...)
VALUES ('[value of fieldName1]', '[value of fieldName2]'...);

When inserting records, be sure to separate your strings with single quotes or double quotes. If you use single quotes around your strings and the data you are adding contains apostrophes, avoid errors by escaping the apostrophe (\ ') within the INSERT statement. Similarly, if you use double quotes around your strings and you want to include double quotes as part of the data, escape them (\ ") within your INSERT statement.

The REPLACE command has the same syntax and requirements as the INSERT command. The only difference is that you use REPLACE to overwrite a record in a table, based on a unique value:

REPLACE INTO [yourTableName] ([fieldName1], [fieldName2], ...)
VALUES ('[value of fieldName1]', '[value of fieldName2]'...);

The UPDATE command modifies parts of a record without replacing the entire record. To update an entire column in a table with the same new value, use this:

UPDATE [yourTableName] SET [fieldName] = '[new value]';

If you want to update only specific rows, use a WHERE clause:

UPDATE [yourTableName] SET [fieldName] = '[new value]' WHERE [some

UPDATE can be a very powerful SQL command.

Deleting from a Table

Like the DROP command, using DELETE without paying attention to what you're doing can have horrible consequences in a production environment. Once you drop a table or delete a record, it's gone forever. Don't be afraid; just be careful. To delete all the contents of a table, use the following:

DELETE FROM [yourTableName];

If you want to delete only specific rows, use a WHERE clause:

DELETE FROM [yourTableName] WHERE [some expression];

If you're going to start deleting records, be sure you have a backup.

Selecting from a Table

When creating database-driven Web sites, the SELECT command will likely be the most often-used command in your arsenal. The SELECT command causes certain records in your table to be chosen, based on criteria that you define. Here is the basic syntax of SELECT:

SELECT [field names] FROM [table name]
WHERE [some expression]
ORDER BY [field names];

To select all the records in a table, use this:

SELECT * FROM [yourTableName];

To select just the entries in a given column of a table, use this:

SELECT [columnName] FROM [yourTableName];

To select all the records in a table and have them returned in a particular order, use an expression for ORDER BY. For example, if you have a date field for record entries and you want to see all the record entries ordered by newest to oldest, use this:

SELECT * FROM [yourTableName] ORDER BY [dateField] DESC;

DESC stands for "descending." To view from oldest to newest, use ASC for "ascending." ASC is the default order.

You can also perform mathematical and string functions within SQL statements,

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Nokia Lumia 630 - Russia- just €160

Nokia Lumia 630 went official just a few days ago.
It is among the first smartphones to run Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Cyan out of the box.
 The smartphone is considered as a successor of the Lumia 620. Nokia has announced the
3G Lumia 630 will launch in various EU and Asian markets this May for €119, 
while its dual-SIM sibling should set you back €129. The smartphone will be also released worldwide with LTE connectivity under the Lumia 635 moniker in July for €139.

 This is at least the official info, but as usual it doesn't include taxes or subsidies. Nokia has begun taking pre-orders for the single and dual-SIM Lumia 630 in Russia via its official Nokia store. The single-SIM Lumia 630 is priced at €163 RUB 7,990, while the dual-SIM version costs €173 RUB 8,490.

Microsoft to release two GDR updates for WP8.1

Microsoft separates Windows Phone 8 updates into major and minor ones - 

 so far we've seen one major 8.1 and three minor ones GDR 1, 2 and 3.

The company is reportedly planning at least two GDR updates for WP8.1 this year.
That's wholly unconfirmed for now, but a 3D Touch system is a possibility.
We heard the first murmurs about it last year - it's essentially Samsung's Air
Gestures from the Galaxy S and Note devices, at least that's what the first rumor made
 it sound like. Another possibility is evolving Nokia's Refocus app which got many imitators
 in this flagship generation. The rumor mill is talking of a dual-camera setup to create
 Lytro-like refocusable photos with just one shot. HTC tried just that and the results were not perfect. The first of the GDR updates for Windows Phone 8.1

Nokia lumia 630

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