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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Nvidia Shield Tablet

You'd have been forgiven for overlooking the Shield, Nvidia's slightly
 bizarre screen-meets-controller device - the whole thing felt a bit
 conceptual at the time of release, which is probably why Nvidia
has continued to keep it locked safely inside the US.

But since launch, the portable has gone from strength to strength:
the introduction of Nvidia's Gamestream offered Shield users a
bunch of new games that can be beamed straight from the PC,
while the Gamepad Mapper feature fixed the problem of games
 that didn't have controller support. All in all, it's turned into a
pretty meaty bit of gaming kit. Basically, it was much more than
a glorified Flick Golf player.

Which is why it's time Nvidia re-hyped the Shield initiative.
Its spent time listening to feedback, reconsidering what people
 want, and its come back with a slightly different proposition:
 the Shield Tablet.

 The Shield tablet looks a bit like an oversized HTC One.
 That's no criticism - TechRadar readers should know how
 highly we rate that handset.
Upon closer inspection, within the realm of tablets, it falls between
 the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 - as in not too small and not too big.
 It's also much lighter than expected and feels nice in hand
when gaming on the touchscreen.

You would expect Nvidia to pull out the big guns for a gaming
-dedicated tablet and, while a rep told us that we probably won't
be able to run Titanfall natively you'll still be able to stream it, the
 Tegra K1 chip gives this slab a satisfying amount of whallop.

The Shield tablet comes in two flavours: a 16GB WiFi-only version,
 and a 32GB LTE variant. The storage on both of those can be
expanded up to 128GB. In the US, it's likely AT&T and T-Mobile
 will be your carrier choices, though the rep said it's still "unconfirmed"
for now - same for the UK.

Apple-tech giant-Growth

Apple makes and creates iPod and iTunes, Mac laptop and
 desktop computers, the OS X operating system, and
the revolutionary iPhone and iPad.
In just a few days Apple -AAPL will open its 2014
 Worldwide Developers Conference, and everybody is
 waiting expectantly for the keynote.

Steve Jobs. Co-founder of Apple Computer Inc. Founded: 1976 "
We started out to get a computer in the hands of everyday
people, and we succeeded.Intel to Cut A Deal with
Apple for Fab 42? IC Insights believes  it would be a win-win
 for both companies. This past August Apple became the most
 valuable corporation in the world based on market capitalization,
 surpassing every firm in the technology industry.

Apple - Investor Relations
The Investor Relations website contains information about
 Apple Inc. business for stockholders, potential investors,
 and financial analysts.

Apple Inc., formerly Apple Computer, Inc., is a multinational
corporation that creates consumer electronics, personal computers,
 computer software.

Apple is currently the most fundamentally sound company in the
 world, one of the most recognized brands in history, and the
leader in almost every aspect.

How To Make Online Web Album

Google's photo manager, Picasa, comes as a desktop application
as well as a web app called Picasa Web Albums.
You can find it at, and you can log
in with your Google Account. After accepting the terms
 of service, start by clicking the Upload Photos button.

Before adding pictures in Picasa, you are required to create an 
album. Each album is a collection of related photos or pictures,
 and it has a title, a description, and optionally a location. 
When you create the album, you can set it to be public or unlisted.
 A public album can be found by others using the Picasa search
 tool, so naturally it shouldn't contain any photo content that you 
don't feel comfortable sharing with the world—and remember 
that sometimes, things you upload may "survive" on the Web
 and leave their marks in the future even when you delete them 
later on. The other option is to make the album unlisted. 
Unlisted albums won't be made available to strangers, but you can
 still share their URLs with friends. It's sort of in-between a web 
page that is password-protected and a web page that is public.
Once you create an album, Google offers you a basic uploader 
option or an advanced version. To use the advanced uploader, 
you need to approve a security dialog to install a special browser
 plug-in. The advantage of the advanced uploader is an instant 
thumbnail preview, along with the ability to drag and drop images
 from your hard disk onto the preview area

By default, Picasa gives you 1 GB of storage space. 
Note that you can buy additional storage space as part 
of Google's Shared Storage service. Just follow the
 Upgrade Storage link on the upload page; the current rates
 are $20 per year for 10 GB up to 400 GB for $500 per year,
 paid with Google Checkout. As a bonus, you will be able 
to share this storage space with your Gmail account.

When your photos are uploaded and public, other people can 
browse them, zoom into them if your original image is bigger
 than the default display size, link to the photo, add comments,
 or order prints. Each album can also be watched as a slideshow.
 As album owner, you can also add tags and captions, or connect 
a photo to a real-world location  .

Google Finance

Google Finance

When it comes to business news and headlines,
Google Finance is one of the most valuable resources
you can choose on the site. It’s the obvious place to turn if you
want to check up on individual stock prices. But you can access
 other kinds of financial information as well.
Go to to view general financial
news headlines and market summaries.

Google Finance information is limited to U.S. companies,
 and it does not provide details on stock options or bonds.
 On the other hand, if you are researching a competitor
or another company in your field, and that company
offers publicly traded stock, you’ll find extensive
 information about it. You can test this out by doing a search for
Google Inc. You’ll find a one-week stock chart,
 blog posts and discussions about the company, related
 companies, names and titles of senior management,
 and company summary, among other things.

In this chapter you learned about Google’s many resources
 for business information. To be sure, Google provides you
with information on virtually any subject.
Butwhen you’re under pressure to produce reports
 that are complete and accurate,
Google also provides you with specialized business content
 as well as information focused on particular topics.

Go Google have described ways for marketing your
products and services—things that a small business or a lone
entrepreneur can obviously market online. Even if all you
 have are your opinions about a subject, you can generate
 revenue through a blog, for instance.
But after you list your product descriptions and create
your blog listings, what do you have left? Just look
through your filing cabinets, your notebooks, your
sketchbooks, your photo albums, and your disk
drives. Chances are there’s a wealth of information you
 have created over the years that has never seen the light of day.

Google Base ( is
difficult to classify—and frankly, the name doesn’t really
 describe it well. Google Information Base or
Google Info Database might be clearer.

You can use Google Base in two ways: as a consumer
or as a producer of information or merchandise for sale.
Most of this chapter focuses on Google as a business outlet:
a place to make your content or products available to
potential buyers. But it’s also a specialty search engine that
forms an interesting marketplace. It’s far less well known
than the main Google search service or Google Product Search.
But it has the potential to be a viable place to buy and sell if it
catches on. Simply knowing that Google Base is there and
understanding what it does is the first step toward taking
advantage of what Google is making available to you for free.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

The Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and 10.5 are Samsung's latest flagship devices,
 built to show off the very best of the company's hardware and
 software prowess.

They're designed as upgrades to the Tab Pros we saw earlier
 this year, with some spec bumps, a slightly evolved look and,
of course, different screen sizes, just in case you were foolishly
expecting Samsung to follow any kind of pattern as far as display
dimensions are concerned.

Apart from the screen sizes there's very little difference between
 the Tab S models, so this review combines the two tablets into one.
 I'll talk primarily about the 8.4-inch model and include additional
observations about the 10.5-inch version where necessary.

It's a brutal battle down at the budget end of the tablet market —
one that Apple refuses to get involved in — but here we're very
 much at the premium end of the scale. The Galaxy Tab S devices
 have been built to go toe-to-toe with Apple's slates,
a brave and perhaps foolhardy undertaking.

First impressions are good, though: these devices feel like
 they're made by a company that has perfected its art.
Both models have a 2560 x 1600 pixel WQXGA Super
 AMOLED screen, which works out at 287 pixels-per-inch
 on the larger model and 360ppi on the smaller one.

The internals are identical, comprising 3GB of RAM, 16GB
 of storage, an 8MP rear camera and 2.1MP front-facing camera.
 The Samsung Exynos 5 Octa CPU inside these tablets
 combines 1.9 and 1.3GHz quad-core processors with the
 faster taking over from the slower when required at the
expense of some battery life.

Key features
Samsung has never been one to shy away from packing in as many
 bells and whistles as it can, and the Tab S is no exception.
Like the Galaxy S5, the tablet boasts a fingerprint scanner
that you may or may not prefer to a PIN code.

It recognised my print every time, but because you need to
 swipe the home button rather than just put your finger on it,
the process can be fiddly - especially the larger tablet, which
meant some precise holding to make the function work.

Executive posts STATE BANK Of INDIA

State Bank of India, India’s Largest  Bank invites
 online applications for the following posts of Special Management

Executives  :
  • Special Management Executives : 135 posts in MMGS-II 
  • Scale, Age : 25-35 years, Pay Scale : Rs. 19400 – 28100,
  •  Experience : 2 years post qualification experience.
  • Special Management Executives : 165 posts in MMGS-III
  •  Scale, Age : 25-40 years, Pay Scale : Rs. 25700 - 31500,
  •  Experience : 5 years post qualification experience.
Qualification (for both posts) : CA/ ICWA/ ACS/ MBA/
Application Fee : Rs.500/- Rs.100/- for SC/ST/PWD to be
paid in any branch of SBI through a payment challan generated
from website after registration OR by Online through Credit/
Debit Card or by Net Banking.

How to Apply : Eligible candidates may apply online at SBI
website from 24/07/2014 to 11/08/2014 only.

View Details:

Nokia Lumia 530-Mainguyen

Nokia Lumia 530-Mainguyen

the new Nokia Lumia 530 specs are to be believed, the phone
 will be a fairly minor upgrade over the current Lumia 520.
The screen is still 4" big but with 480 x 854 resolution, a
minor change from 480 x 800 to bring it to 16:9 aspect ratio.
 This one will have ClearBlack tech though, which might make
 a big difference in sunlight legibility. The chipset has been moved
to a Snapdragon 200 with a quad-core 1.2GHz processor,
presumably Cortex-A7 but could be an A5 too. In either case
 we're not sure it's much of an upgrade over a dual-core Krait.

The built-in storage has been cut in half 4GB and the RAM is
still at 512MB. The Nokia Lumia 530 will reportedly the same
5MP / 720p camera as its predecessor and the same
1,430mAh battery. A compass has been added to the limited
sensor array of the Lumia 520, but on the downside the
phone grew thicker - 11.7mm, up from 9.9mm. The specs of the
 site confirm the 530 is a dual-SIM device the FCC already
certified it.

 It will be available in Grey, White, Orange and Green. The image
 on the product page shows a blue phone, so it's either a
placeholder image or there's one more color option. Keep
in mind those specs might be wrong, previously we were
seeing rumors of a 4.3" screen. However the dimensions
from the FCC match with those of Mainguyen - 119.7 x 62.3mm,
 practically the same as the Lumia 520 so chances of a bigger
screen are slim.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Search Engines Connotation

Effective SEO

Effective SEO requires a basic understanding of how the pieces
 of search engine technology fit together.
A search engine, such as Google, implements four basic
  • Discovery, meaning finding web sites. This is
     accomplished using software that travels down web links
     which is sometimes called a bot, webbot, or robot.
  • Storage of links, page summaries, and related information. 
     Google calls the systems used for this purpose its index servers.
  • Ranking, used to order stored pages by how important they 
    are. Google uses a complex mechanism called PageRank to 
    accomplish this task.
  • Return of results, used to organize the display of search 
    results, based on ranking, in response to a specific user search query.
Discovery, Storage, Ranking, and Return -DSRR- are all
 important to SEO. In particular, you'll need to have a basic grasp 
of Discovery and Ranking in order to be effective with
 SEO implementationso these mechanisms.

Paid listings take several forms. Some search engines but not 
 Google accept pay for play search fees. Some consumer 
advocates frown upon these niche search engines because
 the appearance of a natural search result that is actually a
 paid listing can be confusing.

Googleand other first tier search enginestake the high road. 
If you purchase an advertisement keyed to search terms using
 Google AdWords, when your ad appears in response to a
 search query, it will be separate from the natural listings and
 clearly marked as sponsored.

some web sites do just fine without consciously considering 
SEO. But by consciously developing a plan that incorporates
 SEO into your web sites and web pages, your web 
properties will outrank others that do not.

Acer Aspire E1

 Acer has proved with past Aspire notebooks, not to mention its impressive
Chromebooks, that budget can be beautiful when it comes to laptops.
 And the Acer Aspire E1 does have plenty going for it in addition to its flaws.

The E1 bears comparing to some of its contemporaries, but it's more
 expensive than the Toshiba Satellite S50D and lacks the draw of the
Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 14's rotating hinge.

So, the question is: can a friendly price, solid performance and
 adequate features make up for a couple of glaring flaws that
can make even simple tasks – like browsing the internet or
 reading a document.

It's necessary to mention this now, because it just might be a deal
 breaker, no matter what else the E1 has to offer. The trackpad is
responsive enough when it comes to the most simple task: moving
 the cursor around. But when it comes to doing anything else,
the surface falls well short, despite its pleasant texture.

Using two fingers to scroll is terribly finicky, with the pad either
 not recognizing what you're trying to do or actually somehow
registering a lengthy scroll in the wrong direction. It's bad enough
 that you may find yourself simply using the arrow keys to scroll,
 like it's 1999, or even manually grabbing the scroll bar with
the mouse pointer – like some kind of barbarian.

Even worse, depending on what you're used to, the Aspire
E1's mouse button is downright archaic. The single bar along
 the trackpad is actually divided into two buttons though you
 can't tell from looking at it, and astonishingly there's about
an inch in the middle that doesn't click at all.

Lenovo ThinkPad 10

Lenovo ThinkPad 10

the ThinkPad 10 comes kitted out with an impressive compliment
of accessories, including a keyboard, a desktop dock, and a cover
 for the tablet itself. We'll take a closer look at these peripherals later,
 but the keyboard and the dock are particularly interesting because
 of the enhanced mobile and desktop modes they enable.

Perhaps the most important attribute of this system, however, is its
 size and weight. Not surprisingly, the slate itself is the same size
as most other tablets. But when paired with the optional keyboard
 accessory, it doubles in thickness, roughly to the size of a slim
Ultrabook. Even better, it weighs in at just under 1.5 pounds.

One final note: unlike Lenovo's Yoga and Flex lines, the ThinkPad 10 is a dedicated tablet first, and simply mounts onto a keyboard. As such, it lacks the flexibility and the variable screen positions that these other two Lenovo laptop hybrid lines possess.

CPU: 1.59GHz Intel Atom Z3795 (quad-core, 2MB cache,
 up to 2.39GHz with Turbo Boost)
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics (7th generation)
Memory: 2GB DDR3 (1,067MHz)
Storage: 64GB
Display: 10.1-inch 1920 x 1200 IPS, 10-finger touchscreen
Cameras: Rear 8MP, front 2MP
Ports: micro HDMI-out, USB 2.0, microSD, audio jack, digitizer socket
Size: 10.1 x 6.96 x 0.35 inches (W x D x H)
Weight: 1.3 pounds

Intel's new SoC is the star of this showing. Released early this year
 on Intel's Bay Trail-T platform, the Atom Z3795 is a quad-core
 CPU. The chip is clocked is 1.59GHz, which is peppy in comparison
 to other tablet-based CPUs, and can burst up to 2.39GHz. The end result is surprising levels of performance when performing intermediate tasks, even more
 surprising power conservation, and (in theory at least) a lack of any significant heat output.

The Z3795's integrated Intel HD graphics reinforce this SoC's
 smart design. Intel's 7th generation onboard graphics processor –
known more commonly as HD Graphics 4000 in laptops – won't handle current PC games in any way, shape or form. But it is capable of running the ThinkPad 10's
 1920 x 1200 display without draining the battery.
 In fact, it can even display up to 2560 x 1600 pixels
without sweating too much.

Aside from all that, this is a fairly standard loadout for a tablet
 device. My initial reaction upon seeing that TechRadar's review
 copy had 2GB of memory was that this was going to be too
 little system RAM. Thankfully, you can pay up to double the RAM capacity.

Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone

Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone

The Xiaomi Mi4 new flagship is coming out tomorrow, but thanks to
a series of leaks we got to learn most there is to know about it a day
 early. A bunch of live photos surfaced today, along with detailed
specs and even press renders of the device. A post on a mobile
forum revealed that the upcoming Xiaomi Mi4 will be running on
 the Android 4.4 KitKat-based MIUI v6 OS and feature the potent
Snapdragon 805 chipset. That latter comes complete with four
Krait 450 cores running at 2.5GHz, Adreno 420 GPU and 3GB
 of RAM and promises unmatched performance.

 Xiaomi Mi4 official press renders The smartphone is built around
 a 5.5" screen of 1080p resolution and features a 13MP primary
 snapper and an 8MP front-facer. It will come with 16GB of storage,
 though it's still unclear if that's expandable and will be offered in
 either black or white. Connectivity department is said to feature
 4G LTE as well as 42Mbps HSPA, Bluetooth 4.0, microUSB 2.0,
dual-band Wi-Fi and GPS. An FM radio receiver will also be
onboard the Xiaomi Mi4. The smartphone is said to draw its
power from a 3,050 mAh juice pack. Xiaomi Mi4 live photos
 There were some speculations that Xiaomi will go for a metal
 body for its new flagship, but that was officially denied by the
company's VP Li Wanqiang on his Weibo account.

Sunday, 20 July 2014



SSC recruitment to the following posts for Data Entry Operator
 DEO and Lower Division Clerk- LDC:

  • Data Entry Operator DEO) / Lower Division Clerk LDC
      No. of posts will be determined in due course, Pay Scale :
     Rs.5200-20200 Grade Pay Rs.2400/- for DEO and Rs.1900/- 
    for LDC, Age : 18-27 years as on 01/08/2014,  Qualification : 
    12th Standard Pass or equivalent.
Fee: Rs. 100/- No fee for SC/ST/PH/Women and Ex-Serviceman to be
 deposited in SBI cash by challan or by Online in SBI.

How to Apply : Apply Online or Offline on or before 19/08/2014
26/08/2014 for candidates from far-flung areas.  Send your Applications
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You can also Apply in  Online from at SSC website at    and up to 19/08/2014.

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Probationary Officers Job at Institute of Banking Personnel Selection

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection
IBPS wants  Probationary Officers/ Management Trainees
 posts twice in a year for their requirements. 

IBPS as a per-requisites for selection of personnel for
 Probationary Officers (PO)/ Management Trainees posts
 in the following 21 Public Sector Bank on .

Probationary Officer/ Management Trainee posts :
  • Age : 20-30 years, age relaxation as per rules for 
  • SC/ST/OBC/ PWDs/ Ex.-SM
  • Qualification : Graduate in any discipline.
Application Fee : Rs.600/- Rs.100/-  SC/ST/PWD candidates
 to be paid Online or to be deposited in any CBS branch of
following 7 banks - Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Bank of
, Central Bank of India, Indian Overseas Bank, Punjab
National Bank, United Bank of India 

How to Apply  :  Candidates need to apply Online at
 IBS website from 22/07/2014 to 11/08/2014 only.

View Details:  

Windows Phone 8.1-now

lthough Windows Phone 8.1 has been out for a while now, there
 are still a few complementary features that weren't included with
 the upgrade's rollout. One of the more interesting promised features
 teased by Microsoft is a new lockscreen experience.
The new API for the lock-screen is going to be a piece of software
 you'll have to install separately, and won't be built into the OS itself.
 So what's the big deal about the new lockscreen? Apparently it is
 going to add a greater degree of customization to Windows Phone
 devices. This is good news for an OS that has, often-times, been
deemed a bit too homogenous from device to device;
Windows Phones more or less all act the same. There are some
limitations for the updated Lockscreen, however. If you're rocking a
 Windows Phone with less than 1GB of RAM, then you're going to
 be out of luck, as you'll need at least a gig of memory to use the new
 feature. Also, the new lockscreen only plays nice with English
 language settings.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phablet. The APKs can give
 us a good hint at some upcoming features that'll be avaible on the
 phone. Some of these seem par the course and utterly mundane:
 "VoiceNote4t" and "SamsungMusic_20" are fairly self-explanatory,
but there are a few APKs on here that are interesting.

 The "SStudio_WQHD" APK suggests that the Galaxy Note 4
 will be packing a QHD display. "SHealth3_5" just reaffirms
Samsung's commitment to its health-tracking software, along
 with the Korean manufacturer's commitment to photography
as evinced by its inclusion of the "OutOfFocusViewer", "PhotoStudio",
and "SmartSelfShot" APKs. There are some enigmatic ones as well,
such as "HermesService" and "VRSVC", which could very well be
 support for Samsung's upcoming VR headset.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

LG G3 Mini

The LG G3 S got its user manual leaked a few hours ago.
 Then it came out that it was certified for sale by the relevant
Chinese authorities, a process which yielded a few low-quality
 pictures of the device. However, it turns out that the second
biggest independent phone seller in Russia, Svyaznoy, already
 has the G3 S up for pre-order on its website. Its page comes
 complete with a full spec list, as well as pricing and the first ever
 official renders of the new phone. LG G3 S The LG G3 S
 therefore has a 5-inch 720p touchscreen, an 8 MP rear camera,
and a 1.3 MP front camera. The rear snapper has a single-LED
 flash, but it also appears to keep the bigger G3's laser focus system.

 The rear-mounted buttons are pretty much identical to those
of the G3 too. The new phone is powered by a 2540 mAh
battery, and things are run by a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor,
 which is paired with 1GB of RAM. Internal storage space sits
 at 8GB, though it's expandable through microSD cards.

The model that's due to be sold in Russia has 3G support no LTE
 and dual-SIM functionality. That said, given its history, LG will
probably have a few different SKUs for different parts of the world,
 so do expect at least one of those to feature 4G. The G3 S runs
Android 4.4 KitKat from the get-go, and its dimensions are
 137.75 x 69.6 x 10.3 mm. Its price in Russia is going to be RUB
 13,990 or around $406 or €300 at the current exchange rates.

For comparison's sake, note that the 'full size' G3 is sold in
Russia for around RUB 29,990 $871 or €644.
So the G3 S seems to be a more decently priced midranger
than, say, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.

Paid Search Ads

No matter how blurred the line between unpaid and paid search
 gets in the search engine results, you, as the SEO expert, will
 always know the difference. That’s because,while it’s possible
 to get listed in robot search engines, meta search engines, and
 even directories without actually doing anything, you or
someone you delegate will have to actively implement and
carefully manage any paid advertising for your own site.

 And,of course, there’s that little matter of the checkbook, too.
Pay-per-click -PPC services are the simplest paid search option.
 Here’s how it works: You open an account with a PPC engine,
 such as Google AdWords or Yahoo! Search Marketing. You
decide which search terms you want your site to be seen for,
and you write your own listing or often, several different listings
 to correspond with your chosen terms. Every time a searcher
clicks on your listing, you pay the PPC engine a fee.
You control the amount you want to spend for each click
 your bid, and this is a major factor in the placement of your listing.

Paid search is the SEO marketing venue over which you have
the most control.It offers you a chance to micro-manage your
website marketing by being able to target specific messages to
 specific terms, and even specific geographical locations. It gives
you the opportunity to change your message on a whim, and it
 provides some of the most conclusive tracking around. Therefore,
although paid search is by no means a requirement for good SEO
, it’s an Eternally Attractive Option to have available to you.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Samsung Tizen phone

The first handset from the Korean maker that was supposed to run
Tizen has been delayed indefinitely. So it might be a bit surprising to
 find out that the biggest smartphone maker in the world is working
on another Tizen phone too. A few accessories for the Samsung
SM-Z130H were recently spotted entering India by an import tracking
website. Judging by how those accessories are priced, it definitely
 looks like the Samsung SM-Z130H is nothing more than a low-end
offering. That's further confirmed by its model number - let's not
forget that the delayed Samsung Z is also known as the SM-Z910F.

 By Samsung's logic, a handset in the 1xx range will clearly come with
 lesser specs than the flagship 9xx series phone. All that said, unfortunately
 we don't have any actual details about its innards, so all of the above is
 more or less speculation. Now whether the SM-Z130H will ever see the
 light of day is a complete mystery, especially when you consider how
 many years have passed since we first heard that Tizen smartphones
were coming. On the other hand, Samsung has said it's still working on
Tizen and Tizen-powered devices.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

LG Grow With Windows Phone 8.1

An LG smartphone running Windows Phone 8.1 is coming, as detailed
 earlier in the year when Microsoft revealed a list of new hardware
 partners for 2014. However, in a LinkedIn post, a Microsoft
Program Manager has inadvertently shared that LG is prepping up
 a phone, as well as PCs and TVs running Windows Threshold.

 This is a future version of Microsoft's OS intended to bridge the
gap between Windows Phone and Windows desktop operating
systems. The result would be a more unified experience across
 the different environments allowing for a more hassle-free use.
 While the information comes from a Microsoft employee, we
don't really feel confident that LG is coming back to the Windows
 Phone OS with more than a phone at this point.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Sony Xperia Z3-Compact

Sony will out a new top of the line smartphone before the end of this year,
 and judging by its past actions that should happen during IFA in
September. Just last week we heard that the 'full size' Z3 would be
 joined in Sony's portfolio by the Z3 Compact, an obvious successor
 to the Xperia Z1 Compact that got official at the beginning of the year.
 This info came alongside a couple of leaked images said to depict the
 two upcoming devices. The Z3 duo may in fact become available
 shortly after their unveiling, before the end of September.

That is if the leaked image above is to be believed. This is purported
 to come from an internal system at Vodafone Germany, and it seems
 to detail a competition for the carrier's stores. The important thing to
 note is that this competition ends on September 30, yet both the
Xperia Z3 and the Xperia Z3 Compact are listed as devices that 
can bring points in the contest. It thus stands to reason that Vodafone's
German arm expects to have both on sale on the last day of September
 at the latest.

So if Sony announces the two handsets at IFA which takes place in
 Berlin between September 5 and September 10, this means it may have
 them in stores within three weeks or so after that. In this case, the
 Z3 and Z3 Compact would get a much faster release than the Xperia Z2,
 which was unveiled in February at MWC but only started selling in April.
 Of course, there's another option to consider, if the document above is
 actually real, and not someone's wishful thinking put into writing.


Most smartphones this day follow a similar design format: a
rectangular screen. The formula has worked so far, especially
with all-touch screen devices, but this design hasn't really been
 challenged or altered in quite some time and has resulted in
some fairly homogenous looking handsets.

 BlackBerry is claiming that the square, 4.5" screen on the Passport
 is the way to go when it comes to your mobile smartphone needs
 and that there are a variety of benefits over the traditional rectangular
 format that we've all become familiar with. For starters, a 4.5" square
 screen offers the same viewing space as a 5" display, but because of
 the increased width of the Passport's screen, BlackBerry promises
that you'll have an "even better viewing experience." Also, based on "
academic typology", the optimal number of characters on a single line
 in a book is 66 characters. Traditional, rectangular smartphones can
 only display 40 characters on a single line. The Passport by comparison
 can show 60 characters on a single line, which should make the device
 better for browsing the web, reading e-books and viewing documents.

 Blackberry calls the Passport's display "the IMAX of productivity"
due to its increased width, like IMAX movie screens. Of course,
BlackBerry is going after the business market and goes over the
different industries and professions that would benefit from the
 Passport's design: architects, healthcare workers, financiers,
and writers are all targeted demographics.

Although the width of the Passport's screen would make viewing certain
 documents more easily, one has to wonder about how pocket-friendly
the smartphone will be. The dimensions of the device haven't been
officially release.

Google pulls HTC

Google has pulled the HTC One (M7), the Sony Z Ultra and the
 LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play editions from the Play Store.
 The concept of the Google Play edition devices was announced
 at I/O last year and the first two phones to be launched included
 the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. Although the S4 is still
 visible on the Play Store although it's been out of stock for a while
 now, the HTC One has been given the axe, along with the recently
 launched Z Ultra phablet and the G Pad 8.3 tablet.

The only phones available on the Play Store now include the
 newest HTC One M8, the Moto G and the Samsung Galaxy
S4. And of course, Google's own Nexus 5.

seo google panda

Google pushed out their revised Panda Algorithm code-named
 Panda 4.0. Panda is designed to remove low-quality content
 from Google's search results.

Google Panda is a change to Google's search results
ranking algorithm.Google has recently updated their search
 engine algorithm with the latest Panda update.
 They have applied the changes in the US and it has
 created controversies.

For those who deal with SEO and blogging, Google panda
 and Google penguin should not be something new to them.
Panda 4.0 has officially hit the Google search results.
 The Panda algorithm, which was designed to help boost
 great-quality content sites while pushing.

New information about the Google Panda algorithm change
 could impact SEO of ecommerce sites. Ecommerce
 sites with many similar products need to recheck
 their SEO.

Google confirming an update over the weekend targeting
 spammy queries and also Google's Matt Cutts
 posting on Twitter. It's inevitable. It's called Google
 Panda, the latest Google's search algorithm which
aims to promote the high quality content site by dooming.

Google's Matt Cutts announced on Twitter that they have
 released version 4.0 of the Google Panda algorithm.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

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