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Friday, 1 August 2014

Blue HTC One-M8

Last week the HTC One -M8 went on sale in the UK in two new hues
- red and pink. That said, there's another color version of the
 handset that's been leaked quite a few times so far but hasn't
managed to make it to store shelves just yet: blue. A render
showing it appeared in May, followed by this shade of the One
 M8 going up for pre-order in the UK. Intriguingly though,
it hasn't yet launched over there, and the aforementioned
pre-order page is no longer accessible.

If you're wondering what may be going on here, the answer
 might surprise you. It turns out that the blue HTC One M8
 will be an exclusive to Three Ireland. What you see above
 is a shot of some kind of a promotional material from said
operator, which proudly boasts that it will start selling the
 new color sometime before the end of August. It's not out
of the ordinary for carriers to get exclusive colors, but this
flyer seems to imply that the blue HTC One M8 won't be
available anywhere else in Europe.

Samsung Galaxy Mega

Samsung Galaxy Mega

Samsung may want to add another feature to its Galaxy Mega
phone's spec sheet: that the device is bullet proof. A Taiwanese
man was shot in the chest during a heated dispute about a
misplaced wallet. The shooter was apparently not pleased
with the man who found said wallet and shot him, thinking that
 he was a thief. The phone ultimately protected the man who
 was shot; stopping the bullet from entering his body and
saving him from any serious harm. The Mega didn't even
need the Kevlar coating that some of Motorola's offerings
 are dressed in to stop the slug, either; it's all-plastic body
did the job just fine. To refresh your memory- the Galaxy
 Mega is a phablet with a 6.3" screen with 1.5GB RAM,
a 1.7GHz dual-core processor, LTE, an 8MP camera,
1.9MP selfie unit, 3200mAh battery, and a microSD card slot.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a free, multilingual statistical
 machine-translation service provided by Google Inc.
 to translate written text from one language into another.
Free Translation for Spanish, French, English, German,
 Portuguese, Russian and Italian languages.

One way of catering for the long tail of keywords
 is to ensure that each of your pages has a unique
title and, ideally, rather unique content as well.
Another is to add translations of your pages for a
multitude of languages, which will generate a
multitude of new ways to find you there are paid
online services to which you can submit a text file,
 and then pick the languages you want it to be
 translated into by native speakers.

Spotlight on the Stars-James Franco

James Edward Franco born April 19, 1978 is an American actor,
 director, producer, teacher, author. His first prominent acting
 role was a lead part.

Howdy ladies and gentleman For this week’s spotlight piece,
 I wanted to go ahead and take a look at a rather unique A-lister
. Someone who vacillates between humongous Hollywood
blockbusters and odd little independent films, always doing his
 own thing. The A-lister in question? None other than James Franco.
 He’s many things to many people, but he’s

 unquestionably a star. He’s given a few incredibly good performances,
 but he’s never a boring actor to watch. He’s easily one of Tinseltown’s
 most interesting actors to follow. Almost constantly engaging in some
 form of art, Franco is at his core, just that…an artist. He may be a bit
 of a weirdo to some, but he’s an A-lister regardless and deserves this
 tribute. Franco wasn’t always considered a “weird” star.

He got his start basically as a heartthrob. He first came on to
people’s radars when he was cast in the cult Judd Apatow
television show Freaks and Geeks, though he became someone
 to really watch when he played James Dean in the TV movie
of the same name. From there, he shot to the A-list by playing
Harry Osborne in the Spider-Man trilogy from Sam Raimi. In
 Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, and Spider-Man 3 he built up
his star power, but at the same time he was trying to become
a leading man in things like Annapolis, City by the Sea,
Flyboys, The Great Raid, and Tristan + Isolde. Between
 those movies and the Spidey trilogy, he was someone you
expected to be a serious actor. That made his comedic turn
a Golden Globe nominated one, at that in The Pineapple
Express all the more interesting. From there, he began to
branch out even more, playing Alan Ginsberg in Howl,
taking an acclaimed supporting role in Milk, and of course
his Oscar nominated tour de force in 127 Hours. He has
since made a name for himself by trying just about anything
 once. After he made his debut guest starring on television
 programs in the late 90′s, Franco has gone on to amass
nearly 100 roles to his credit.

Truce in Gaza

Israel has resumed its Gaza offensive after a series of
Palestinian rocket attacks. The Israeli military said
Sunday that following "Hamas' incessant.
sraeli forces will continue "neutralizing" tunnels in Gaza
 despite a 12-hour cease-fire Saturday,
the Israel Defense Forces- IDF announced today.
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Hamas on Sunday agreed to
observe a 24-hour truce in Gaza after initially
 rejecting a similar Israeli offer.
Rocket fire from Gaza resumed on Saturday night with
 warning sirens sounding across central and southern
 Israel in an apparent rebuff by Hamas of attempts.

Tensions Remain High At Israeli Gaza Border. ZIKIM, ISRAEL
 - JULY 26: A soldier meets with his loved ones during
 a 12-hour ceasefire.
Gaza death toll rises as truce effort intensifies.
 14,800 views. 2:20. The top Hamas leader in the Gaza
 Strip signaled that the Islamic militant group.

Israel said it would prolong a day-old humanitarian
 truce in the Gaza Strip through Sunday night,
even as Palestinian militants.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon on Monday renewed
 his call for a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip and
denounced the devastation caused by Israel's

Microsoft's Office

Office 2013 is the latest refresh of Microsoft's near ubiquitous
Office suite. The latest version sees it get the Windows 8 treatment,
 with a touch-friendly interface and a sparser look, as well as
new features in every application.

As part of the launch, Office has also reached a new
 landmark by going into the cloud with subscription pricing,
on-demand installation and automatic syncing of settings and
documents you save online rather than offline. It's called Office 365.

That particular method of purchase ensures you're always
 up-to-date, even if the software changes - check out our
Office 365 review.

While the main thing you'll notice with Office 2013 the new
look, there are some really interesting features under the
hood - though sadly not for Windows XP users, who are
 now excluded. Office 2013 is strictly for Windows 7 and
 Windows 8 users.

As usual, there are multiple versions of Office 2013, but this
time around the different editions are not just about whether
you're using them at home or in a business or which
applications are included.

Although Office 365 Home Premium might also sound like
a great deal for a small business, it's not licensed for
commercial use Like the Windows RT versions of Office 2013
 unless you already have an Office business licence. Instead,
you need one of the Office 365 business subscriptions,
 available from February 27.

These will include the new Office 2013 versions of Exchange,
 SharePoint and Lync Online, which are already available to
 run on your own servers. It's taking some time for Microsoft
to upgrade Office 365 to run these new server versions, which
explains the later availability  there are a number of issues in
SharePoint the Office 365 team is working on.
We've tried these out with the Office 2013 applications
and we looked at SharePoint Online 2013 in more detail here.

Office 365 Small Business Premium includes Word, Excel,
PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access, Publisher and Lync.
The annual $149.99 subscription lets you run them on up to five
PCs or Macs at once again, you can use Office on Demand to
 download Office to any PC you're using temporarily, and you
 get regular updates and new features.

You can host online meetings with audio and HD video
conferencing in Lync and run a public website on SharePoint,
 plus you get Exchange with a 25GB mailbox for each user
and SkyDrive Plus storage on SharePoint.

That gives you 10GB of secure cloud storage with an extra
500MB for each user, but you can choose how the storage
 is allocated between users and you can control how they use
 it – like forcing them to encrypt confidential documents.

Office 365 ProPlus short for Professional Plus), is aimed at
 midsize businesses 10-250 employees and includes the same
 desktop Office software as Small Business Premium. But it
also has tools for business intelligence, consistency checking to
 Excel and automated deployment, as well as more options for
 the SharePoint, Lync and Exchange Online services.

paypal customer service-How

PayPal Customer Service - Contact PayPal by Phone
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satisfactory answer.

PayPal Customer Service - PayPal Complaints
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PayPal customer service phone numbers and support
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 person, ratings, comments and PayPal customer service news  

PayPal Customer Service Contact Number - 0844 381 6302 ...
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 website to speak with a member of their customer services team
whenever you require assistance. 

Contact Paypal Customer Service: Email, Phone Number & Fax
Write A Review Contacting Paypal Customer Service Center.
 Paypal is the leading payment processor in the United States.
 With the huge influx of virtual and online.

PayPal Dishonesty; Fraud, Customer Service; Review .
PayPal Positives and Negatives; especially Customer Service &
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BlackBerry Z3

BlackBerry's CEO John Chen confirmed this in an interview
 with India's Economic Times, but didn't mention specific numbers.
 He noted that the Z3 was "extremely well received" over its opening
 weekend in the two countries and that demand is continuing to be
strong. In his opinion, users enjoy the phone's screen size, battery life
 and its aggressive pricing. The Z3 sales for under $200 and packs a 5"
 qHD display with a Snapdragon 400 chipset featuring a 1.2GHz dual-core
 Krait 200 CPU. In addition, Mr. Chen said that the BlackBerry Passport
 and BlackBerry Classic will be released later this year but wasn't any more
 specific than that. The company's partnership with Foxconn, which is
 making the Z3, isn't exclusive, he shares in the interview.

If BlackBerry deems other outsourcing solution more financially viable,
 it's going to consider moving production of future devices to them.
However, the company's CEO didn't specify if we should expect
 more affordable devices with the BlackBerry logo. Both the
Passport and Classic are expected to be priced higher than the Z3.

Friday, 25 July 2014

how Installing mod_rewrite localhost

If you’ve installed Apache yourself, read on. Because of its
 popularity, mod_rewrite is now included with all common
 Apache distributions. If desired, you can verify if your Apache installation has the
mod_rewrite module by looking for a file named
mod_rewrite.sounder the modulesfolder in your
Apache installation directory.

However, mod_rewrite may not be enabled by default
 in your Apache configuration. To make sure,open the
Apache configuration file, named httpd.conf. If you’ve
 installed Apache using the XAMPP
the full path of the file will be
\Program Files\xampp\apache\conf\httpd.conf.
Open httpd.confand find the following line:
#LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
The leading #means the line is commented, so remove it
 in order to have Apache load the mod_rewrite
module upon its startup:
LoadModule rewrite_module modules/

After any change to httpd.conf, you need to restart the
 Apache server in order for the changes to take
effect. In case you run into trouble, you can check
Apache’s error log file (/logs/error.log), which
should contain the details of the error.

Once mod_rewrite is installed and enabled, you
add the rewriting rules to the Apache configuration
file, httpd.conf. Apache also lets you save configuration
 options including rewriting rules on a
per-directory basis to a configuration file named .htaccess.
 All you have to do is create a file named .htaccessinto a
 directory of your application, and Apache will read it
automatically when accessing that directory.

Alexa Rankings

Alexa Rankings attempt to rank all web sites globally
 by quantity of traffic. The traffic rankings use statistics
based on data gathered from the Alexa Toolbar and
other tools connected to the service. The service is
 provided by Alexa Internet, a subsidiary of Amazon Incorporated.
The statistics aren’t generally accepted as accurate, and many
speculate that the rankings are subject to manipulation and
skewing as a result of a limited dataset. In general, the
statistics are more accurate with higher ranking sites those
with lowernumerical rankings. Despite these caveats,
Alexa Rankings can be used to get a handle on increasing
 traffic trends, and they are generally fun to watch.

Brainstorming keywords that seem relevant to your web
 site may help to identify keywords to target in a search
engine marketing campaign. However, the actual keywords
 used by web searchers may be surprising more often
than not. Fortunately, tools are available that mine available
 search data and conveniently allow one to peruse both
related keywords as well as their respective query volumes.

URLs are more visible than many realize, and are a
contributing factor in CTR. They are often cited directly
 in copy, and they occupy approximately 20% of the real
 estate in a given search engine result page.

Creating search engine friendly URLs becomes challenging
 and requires more forethought when developing a dynamic
 web site. A dynamic web site with poorly architected URLs
 presents numerous problems for a search engine. On the
other hand, search engine friendly URLs containing relevant
 keywords may both increase search engine rankings,
as well as prompt a user to click them.

CodeIgniter models

All CodeIgniter models have the same initial structure:

< ?php
class Page_model extends Model{
function Page_model(){
? >

The first function is the code that retrieves the home page

< ?php
class Page_model extends Model{
function Page_model(){
function fetchHomePage(){
$data = array();
$options = array(‘status’ = > ‘live’, ‘type’= > ‘home’);
$q = $this- > db- > getwhere(‘pages’, $options, 1);
if ($q- > num_rows() > 0){
$data = $q- > row_array();
return $data;
$q- > free_result();
? >

Notice that the name of the model  Page_model  is both the
 name of the class and the name of the initializing function.
 This file is stored in the /system/application/models/ folder
 of your project, more than likely with a name
 like page_model.php.

Top Video Conferencing Sites

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Motorola Moto X+1

According to the tipster  the photos, the Moto X+1 is in a
 "near-final prototype" stage. The phone features a similar shape
 to the Moto X and also has silver accents on the side that's claimed
 to be aluminum. At the front, there's a 5.1" display that was previously known to be of 1080p resolution. Below it, there's a loudspeaker, while the earpiece is above it.
Visually, the front shares the aesthetics of the Moto E.
 The back is far more interesting and the use of wood is just part
of the reason. The camera, rumored to be 12MP, has a dual LED
 flash configuration, each placed at 9 and 3 o'clock.
Below the camera, there's the Motorola logo, finished in
what seems to be a grippy texture.
The rest of the unconfirmed spec list includes a Snapdragon
800 chipset with a quad-core 2.3GHz Krait 400 CPU, Adreno
 330 GPU, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, sans
 a microSD card slot.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Free website-Free blog-free weblog



Movable Type



This is the first weblog API implemented by Blogger.
 It is no longer actively developed but might be 
supported in some tools.

 Configuring a weblog.
Setting up Flickr to post to a weblog is a simple process.
 Click Your Account at the top of any page at Flickr and
 then click Your Blogs under the section labeled Blogging. 
You'll find a list of any weblogs you've already set up, or 
you can click "Set up a new blog" to add a new weblog
 to your account.

Even though many weblog systems offer tools to help
 you upload and include images with your posts, you might
 find that Flickr is a nice alternative to the standard photo tools. 

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Let’s get right into things; to clean and maintain your PC:
1.  Find and remove malware.
2.  Uninstall unnecessary programs.
3.  Delete junk/temporary files.
4.  Optimize your system.
5.  Defragment your hard drive.
6.  Backup your data.
By following these steps, you’ll ensure your computer is
performing at its best and is error free.
Because this book is designed for beginners, instructions on

manually tweaking your PC are not included.

AVG Internet Security
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it and it has always protected my files from malicious .

AVG helps you stay safe while you shop, bank online,
watch videos, search or surf the web, download
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Unlike other security products, we stop the threats
before they reach your hard drive and become a
problem. Safe internet surfing is now possible.

Protection against viruses is great but prevention is even better
and ESET constantly update their virus definitions to ensure
that the even the newest viruses are well protected against.
Virus updates do not consume unnecessary system resources
and do not fail–other antivirus programs I have used have
issues with updating and sometimes need a manual fix.

Malware – The generic term used for all forms of software
designed with malicious intent. Viruses, worms, spyware etc.
are all forms of malware. The term virus is often used when
malware should really be used as it describes all forms of
malicious software.
Spyware  –  Spyware tracks a user’s activity by monitoring
browsing habits and key board activity and can even take
screenshots while you use your PC. This information is sent
back to the creator or beneficiary of the spyware. Signs of
spyware include: modified browser homepages, slow internet,
and suspicious looking sites in place of legitimate sites

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha shed some light on the specs - a 4.7"
Super AMOLED display, LTE-enabled Exynos chipset, 32GB
 non-expandable storage, fingerprint and hear-rate sensors,
Galaxy S5-like plastic rear cover and metallic frame. If the
 first set of images wasn't enough for you, here comes another
 batch. This time it looks like the Korean version of the Galaxy
Alpha with the massive LTE-A logo printed on the back.
Samsung Galaxy Alpha The new pictures reveal the Galaxy
Alpha indeed comes with a nano-SIM slot and lacks a microSD one.
 The boot screen confirms the retail name and we guess Samsung
will be indeed launching a new lineup of Galaxy devices later this
 year. The 4.7" display, the lack of microSD card slot, the
nanoSIM card switch, the metallic frame and fingerprint
 scanner sounds

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Vodafone Smart Power 4

Vodafone Smart Power 4 sports a 5-inch qHD display and is
 not a high-powered smartphone by any measure - it packs a
MediaTek MT6582 chipset with quad-core 1.3GHz Cortex
 A7 processor. The device is equipped with 1GB of RAM
 and 4GB of internal memory with the ability to expand it via
 microSD card. The Smart Power 4 has 5 megapixel rear
 camera with LED flash and it looks like the front facing
shooter has been scrapped to keep the cost down. In the
connectivity department, there's Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n,
 Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and supports LTE-CAT 4.

Vodafone Smart Power 4 is not very compact, measuring
141 x 71.4 x 9.5m and weighing 162 grams. The smartphone
 runs on Android 4.4 KitKat and comes with 3,000mAh battery.
 The Smart Power 4 is now available for £175 on
Vodafone's Pay as you go plan or you can also pick up
 the device for £26.50 on Red 4G monthly plan.

iPhone 6 could

Apple will actually announce its latest smartphone
 Thanks to a few unnamed sources, who claim they were briefed
on the Cupertino company's plans, we now have an unveiling time
frame to speak of. And just as you may have expected, it's
reportedly bound to happen in September. Nothing is set in stone
 just yet, but the second and third weeks of that month seem to
be the only ones left in the running for the placement of Apple's event.
 Just a couple of days ago we heard that September 19 would be the
 big date, and that's in the third week of the month, so it fits. However,
do note that various "manufacturing uncertainties" might alter these plans.
 Whenever the event does happen, it will introduce the 4.7-inch iPhone
 to the world. This is said to be a given, along with the company
 providing the final details about iOS 8 which has been in beta for weeks.
The 5.5-inch iPhone 6, on the other hand, may not get mentioned at all
at this September gathering. A final decision on whether it will debut
alongside its smaller sibling hasn't been made yet. That's because the 4.7"
phone is currently farther along both in testing as well as manufacturing
preparations. Obviously Apple could in the end decide to out both
 models at the same time, or the phablet may be presented later -
 perhaps in October, when a second fall event is scheduled to take place.
 This is when Apple's entry into the wearable space might finally become
reality, and it's also when it will talk more about the latest version of Mac
 OS X, Yosemite. New iPads are on the way too and they've been leaked
 quite a few times already, but no revolutionary changes are expected.

 They should get the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, as well as slight
hardware upgrades. As for iOS 8, the fourth beta is currently available
 for developers, and the fifth and last one should follow on August 4.
 After this point the golden master version of the OS will be completed
either in late August or early September. Later on, in iOS 8.1 or iOS 9,
 a split-screen multitasking mode for iPads should be launched.

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Microsoft Surface Pro

Surface Pro looks like Surface RT, with the same distinctive look
 and the same full-size USB port - but it tweaks the iconic
kickstand and the clever magnetic connectors for power and
the two tear-off keyboards Type Cover and Touch Cover
 both work interchangeably with Surface Pro and RT.

It improves on the 10.6-inch touchscreen of the Surface RT with
higher resolution and a digital pen you can use to scribble notes
on the screen and snap into the power port for carrying around,
but it still has some of the darkest blacks you'll find on any screen.

It's a PC, but it's still a tablet. Do you want it? Depends on
what you really want.
If you've seen the Surface RT in the flesh, the Surface Pro
looks utterly familiar. The same VaporMg coating over
the same sturdy but sleek metal body, the same gently
curved corners and wide black bezel, the same subtle
Windows logo on the front.

But pick it up and you'll notice the difference straight away.
The Surface Pro is thicker - although 13.5mm 0.53 inches
 rather than 9.3mm 0.37 inches isn't exactly bulky - and it's
heavier, at 907g -2lbs rather than 680g -1.5lbs. But the weight
 is evenly distributed and well balanced so it doesn't feel a lot
heavier unless you pick them up side by side.

And inside the case of the Surface Pro, everything is different from
 the Surface RT, starting with the Intel Core i5-3317U CPU and
integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000, which make it a real, powerful
 PC. Then it adds 4GB of RAM and 64GB or 128GB of storage.

Windows 8 takes up space on the SSD, cutting the available
 storage down to just 29GB and 89GB, respectively.
You can get more space by archiving the recovery partition onto a
 USB stick and adding a 64GB microSD card the largest on
the market today.

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SEO Trend Spotting

SEO Trend Spotting

SEO trends move fast, so it’s OK to jump in where you are!
 Use this primer to get clued in to some of the current jargon
 and trends in SEO.

Universal or blended searchRemember when the search
engines used to deliver three lines of text and a link for
every listing? If you wanted vertical search results like video,
image, shopping, and maps, you had to click on a tab or
perform a special search.Now the major search engines have
blended all types of listings together in the standard search results.
This may create additional exposure opportunities for your site if
it has well-optimized video or image listings. On the flipside, it
 leaves fewer spots for the standard text listings.

Search engine transparency Don’t expect search engines to
open the black box and shine a light on their secret algorithms,
but all of the major search engines now offer some form of
 two-way communication between official representatives and
 the developer crowd. Tips and news are delivered—and
questions are answered!—in blogs and forums, and webmaster
 tools take the guesswork out of some indexing and listing
issues. Those of us who practiced SEO in the Stone Age get
a big kick out of seeing the enmity that once existed between
the search engines and webmasters begin to dissolve away.

Smarter robot meta tags The trend of search engine transparency
 has translated into some new tags that you can place on your
 page to make special requests of the robots that visit your page.
 Besides controlling whether a page is indexed, website owners
can also control whether a snippet is shown, and even whether
 a page is cached.

Social search: Social search refers to websites that allow users
 to recommend web pages to each other and influence search
 results. On social news sites like Digg, stories that receive the
 most votes win the most visibility and clicks. On social
bookmarking sites like, people tagsites with keywords
 so that other people will find them. Social sites offer seemingly
 limitless opportunities for website promotion—and plenty of sites
have basked in extreme, server-busting popularity via social search.
 But this type of promotion isn’t easy and the results are unpredictable.

Mobile search:Mobile search is like one of those up-and-coming
 neighborhoods that never quite ups and comes. Web developers
are still working out the kinks of building websites in formats that
can be viewed on cell phones and handheld devices. Meanwhile,
search engines, most notably Google and Yahoo!, are working
 hard to place themselves in the middle of this growing search sector.
 The SEO community remains on the sidelines, watching and waiting
 to see if mobile search will ever fully take off.

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Apple Q3-tech-giant

Apple's revenues for Q3 2014 are in and the Cupertino tech-giant
 has brought in some decent numbers. The company has reported
 $37.4 billion in revenue; very close to the optimistic forecast of
$38 billion. The iPhone brought in some solid sales: 35.2 million
units; a bit shy of the predicted 36 million smartphones the company
 was expected to move.

 The iPad was a different story, however,
 as only 13.3 million slates were sold, as opposed to 14.6 million
 iPads in Q3 2013. There is an area in which Apple surpassed
forecasts, and that's in gross margins, where the tech giant was
able to reach 39.4%, which is a marked increase from 2013's
36.9%. This means that Apple was able to attain a 20% increase
 in earnings per share. Now that the Q3 numbers are in, there's,
 of course, already talk about the numbers Apple will be pulling
 in for the next quarter. It's predicted that the company will bring
 in anywhere from $37 to $40 billion in revenue, with gross margins
 at 37-38%. So what can Apple learn from the diminishing sales
of the iPad? Well, it may be that users just don't need to refresh their
 iPad every single year, and that Apple may consider holding off
 refreshing its tablet line.

 Price could also be an issue as well, as
 the iPad is still more expensive than most options that are currently
 available on the market.