Create SEO Friendly URLs

A web surfer will find it tough to remember a URL full of parameters, also he would be discouraged by the idea of typing each parameter at a time. Also, there is a possibility of mistyping which would lead to an undesired page. In case of webmaster it is easier for him to maintain records of the clean or optimized URL than that of dynamic URL.

  1.  Keep the URL short and tidy
Make the site directories and file names short but meaningful. For example /products is better than /p. Find the shortest identifiers that include a general description of the page contents or function.
  1.  Avoid punctuation marks in file names
Often designers use names like product_list.html or product-list.html. The use of underscore is sign of a carelessly designed site structure.

Rewriting the URLs with the help of PHP, mod rewrite and .htaccess in Apache

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^page/([0-9]).html$ /page.php?id=$1