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Bing Webmaster service is the basic tools that help you diagnose and track your site. Registration is

Black hat
Black hat is a label used to describe the use of SEO techniques that are illegal,
unethical, or of questionable propriety.

Bot (also known as Robot, Spider, or Crawler)
A robot, or bot for short, is a software agent that indexes web pages. It is also called
a spider or crawler.

Canonical URLs
Canonical URLs are URLs that have been standardized into a consistent form. For
the search engines, this typically implies making sure all your pages use consistent
URL structures, for example, making sure all your URLs start with www.

Cloaking is a black hat SEO technique that involves presenting the search engine
spider with different content than you show a normal site visitor.

Crawl depth
search engine spider has indexed a
website. This is typically an issue relevant for sites with a complex hierarchy of
pages. The deeper the spider indexes the site, the better.