advanced seo interview questions

Relative URL vs Absolute URL?

Search engine bots only care that your URLs resolve.

Is SEO knowledge important?

Developers should definitely have a good knowledge of SEO techniques
mainly because they are the same as good clean html development. By which i mean (to name a few) :

    Proper document structure, <h1> followed by <h2>, <p>, etc
    Ensure main content appears near the top of a page,
    Ensure page conforms to W3C accessibility standards,
    User friendly URL's,
    Clean separation of data, styles, client side scripting,
    Site Map,
    Meta data.

This will not only provide you with an SEO site but also and accessible and compatible site.

Dynamic robots.txt?

<meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow" />
mod-rewrite to alias robots.txt to a script that could dynamically
generate the necessary content.

Does apparent filename affect SEO?

Page names are often not very representative of the page content
Therefore search engines are not going to be particularly upset if the page names
appear misleading. However, it's likely that the page name is one of
many factors a search engine considers.

HTTP versus HTTPS?

No, the search engines should index your site as normal even if it's under SSL/HTTPS.
You should pick one only either the http or the https.

What to do when content is taken offline?
To keep the traffic it may be an option to not delete but archive the old content. So it remains accessible by its old URL

but linked at some deeper points in the archive on your site.

the difference between a 302 and a 307 redirect?

307 came about because user agents adopted as a de facto behaviour to
take POST requests that receive a 302 response and send a GET request to the
Location response header.

Does truncating anchor text hurt SEO?
The only affect truncating will have is any text removed from the anchor text
won't be considered when Google determines the value of that
link for the receiving page.

Image Resolution - matter for SEO on Google?

the resolution/size of your image will matter when the user filters the
image results through sizes Large, Medium Icon etc that the resolution matters
for a general image search, rather markup techniques

how is social media marketing different from SEO?

Social media marketing refers to a couple of big techniques. The first is viral-content creation
and promotion. There has always been some form of viral content; however, the appearance
of portals like NetScape, Spin, and others has enabled social media to spread like never before.
An example of how this has changed would be the linking structure of a blog. A blog post goes
out, people link to it, those links are spread and before you know, the post is linking to thousands
of other web sites. It’s one of the ways that you can use to grow a link structure very quickly.
How can organizations use social media to improve their business?

First, you have to have a great deal of familiarity with the space. You have to have a deep
understanding of the community, and you have to become part of the community, sharing content,
creating content, tagging content, and interacting with other people in the community. If you aren’t
familiar with this space or you don’t participate in the space, you won’t be successful.

What do you see as trends in the SEO space?

It would be foolish to ignore what Google calls “universal search” and we call “vertical search.”
It’s in vertical search that companies find highly qualified traffic, and there’s going to be a significant
amount of traffic in these areas. So, vertical search can include:
Local search
Product search

What’s the difference between SEO and search marketing?

SEO always leans toward the organic side of search marketing—it
doesn’t include paid services. Search marketing as a whole is anything that you do to market your
web sites through search.

Where do you see the current state/importance of SEO?

SEO is very important . . . at least that is what business owners think. I receive calls where
they say they need SEO—but in truth we learn that they need more effective web design and even
paid-click programs. This does not mean to dispel the value of a top ranking.
There are some that say they guarantee top listing on a few
of the top 200 search engines but would never make such a claim for Yahoo!, Google, or MSN

Are there any other coming changes that will affect SEO?

We also are well aware of strong vertical search engines, and this may be an area where the rankand-
file SEO specialist is not focusing—to optimize for vertical search engines that are within the
space of the client web site.

Content generated by Javascript Effect seo ?
Google will not index anything that is not view when a page is loaded with JavaScript disabled.

What is LSI?
LSI-Latent Semantic Indexing.It is an algo for find how similar two or more web pages are.

Limit to robots.txt file?500 KB .

Google Dance?
the search results used to jump around on a monthly basis as Google rolled out algorithm changes.
Google index update occured on average every 36 days or 10 times per year.

Search Engine Spam ?
Pages created deliberately to trick the search engine into offering inappropriate, redundant, or
poor-quality search results.Search engine spamis one of the most difficult problems that search engine crawlers encounter.

DefineOrganic SEO?
organic SEO is a combination of those and other elements, such as site tagging, that will naturally place your web site in search engine rankings. How high in those rankings depends on how well
you design your site.
Organic SEO maximizes those naturally occurring elements, building upon each element to create
a site that will naturally fall near the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Explain what is Local Search?
Local search is an active business before the advent of the Internet, when business directory,Yellow Pages as
provided by your contact info  company were the tool of choice.You can find these local
search engines at,, and
These search engines map in some of their business data from the same types of data source.