Cracker Seo Tips

b tags
Add the <b>  tags of few of  keyword  phrases  on each page.
Search engines see content in <b> tag of the  pages that instances of a
term or phrase on rankings.

Heading tag
One of the great Weapons the engines use in rankings is Heading tag.
Add H1 tag  on every page.

Title tags
Add keywords in titles, text, and meta data
As title tags are such an important tip of search engine
optimization.It will be for high ranking.

Social Media connections
Add all Social networking sites it help  your web site optimization
and increase your website linkability .tell your audience  about the site info.

Link building
Link building of the website is  very important that links coming in to as many sites.
if you do link outside then make sure there is few logical reason for redirect  visitors in that site.

You can connect with  customers and grow the businesses by sending newsletters with many news,info
picture.It will help you get  traffic to  your website.

Alt tag
The search engine spiders  find what your  image is about is by adding an Alt tag.
Alt tag is a string  that place texts to allow the search engine spiders to properly
index your page images.

Image name
 give a descriptive image name for your image of the website.IT will also help for
your search engine rankings.

SEO-friendly URL
 Add the main keyword in your URL,
for example
IT is uickly rankings those pages.

Google Analytics
Setup Google Analytics To find out how many visitors your site gets,
and what pages they visit,exactly what keywords your visitors searched for.

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