Yahoo-Search Marketing

Yahoo are the dashboard tab, a campaigns tab, a reports tab, and an administration tab. In addition,
there are links on the pages that will take you to additional features and capabilities.

Yahoo Search Marketing is a PPC program that’s similar to AdWords, but there’s one big difference. Yahoo is a very commercial search engine, which means that many of the search results are
paid placement ads or are web sites that have been added by the web-site owner. Editors usually
review and approve submitted listings before they are shown in search results.

Yahoo is also a portal that contains many different services, such as instant messaging, e-mail, maps,
and much more Google is structured in a similar manner. Being a portal means that Yahoo has
many loyal users who are likely to see your ads once you begin a PPC campaign with Yahoo Search
When you sign up with Yahoo! Search Marketing, you have two options for the type of account you’d
like to have. These options are different from Google, because you can have a free PPC plan that you
use, create, and maintain on your own, or you can choose to have a Yahoo! specialist help you create
your campaign.

Yahoo’s summary report

 Ad Performance
Daily Performance
Keyword Performance
Performance by Geographical Location
Daily Spend Performance
URL Performance
Monthly Financial Reports
Billing Transaction Detail

IT is  need to maintain your SEO efforts, including PPC advertising.