php -Mail Functions

The mail() function requires an installed and working email subsystem for sending mail. The program to be used is defined by configuration directives in the php.ini file. A common pitfall is that these are not set up correctly, rendering mail() inoperable. Note that the first two directives are for use only on Windows systems; the third is for use only on Unix-type systems.
  • SMTP: The host to which to connect to send mail. Can be either a fully qualified hostname or an IP address. Used only on Windows systems.
  • sendmail_from: The email address from which sent mail should appear to have been sent. Used only on Windows systems.
  • sendmail_path: Full pathname of the mail executable to run when sending mail. This can also include command-line arguments. The default is created during the precompilation configuration: For example, if a sendmail executable is found in /usr/sbin, the default will be usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i. If no sendmail executable is found, one must be specified here. Used only on Unix-type systems.

bool mail(string recipient, string subject, string message, 
 [string extra_headers], [string extra_arguments]) 
Address of the recipient
Message subject
Body of the message
Extra headers for the message
Extra arguments for the underlying mail program
Sends a message by email.

$address = '';
 $subject = 'This is a test'; 
$message = 'Hi there, This is a test message. ';
 mail($address, $subject, $message);