How to check broken Links

Broken links are links that do not work, either because they have been miscoded or because
 the pages they point to don't exist (perhaps it has been moved).It's quite important to a search
 engine that none of the links on your site are broken. It shouldn't be that big a problem to go
 through your site and check to make sure each link works manually. Doing this will also give you a
 chance to review your site systematically, and understand the navigation flow from the viewpoint
of a bot.

Even though you've checked your links manually, you should also use an automated link-checking tool.
 Quite a few are available. A good choice is the simple (and free) link checker provided by the
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) at All you need to do is enter
 the domain you want checked and watch the results as the links in your site are crawled.

You want as many inbound links as possible, provided these links are not from link farms
 or link exchanges. With this caveat about inbound linking from  understood, you cannot have
 too many inbound links. The more popular (and the higher the ranking) of the sites providing
 the inbound links to your site, the better.

Inbound links are considered a shorthand way of determining the value of your web site, because
 other sites have decided your site has content worth linking to. An inbound link from a site that
 is itself highly valued is worth more than an inbound link from a low-value site,
 for obvious reasons.