Translate Any Page with Yahoo

Because the Web is a global space, we've all come across pages in different languages,
 especially among search results. If you're searching for information about a phrase like
 hamburger recipe, it's strange to come across a page about it in German. It's stranger
 still to find a mention of your name on a page in a foreign language.

Yahoo!'s Language Tools page has some ways to help
 you work with other languages. Among them is a translation service that will translate any
 block of text to a different language.

If you find yourself translating pages frequently, there are some ways to speed up
 the process. You can translate an entire web page by copying and pasting the URL
into the field labeled "Translate this web page" on the Yahoo! Language Tools page,
 choosing the language from the drop-down menu, and clicking Translate. Yahoo! will
 display the page with all of the text translated.

From any web page, you can click the Translate button and Yahoo! will display a version
 in English. Yahoo! will also automatically detect the source language, so you don't need
 to choose a language from a menu. This is also handy if you can't tell what language the
 page is in. If you just want to translate a block of text instead of the entire page,
you can click the arrow next to the fish and choose Language and Translation Tools from
 the menu; you'll go to the Yahoo! Language Tools page, where you can paste the text you
 want to translate into the translation form.

In addition to the simple search form you'll find at, Yahoo!
 offers an Advanced Web Search form at

This form lets you refine your search in a number of ways, so you can narrow
the results to a more useful list.