Blue HTC One-M8

Last week the HTC One -M8 went on sale in the UK in two new hues
- red and pink. That said, there's another color version of the
 handset that's been leaked quite a few times so far but hasn't
managed to make it to store shelves just yet: blue. A render
showing it appeared in May, followed by this shade of the One
 M8 going up for pre-order in the UK. Intriguingly though,
it hasn't yet launched over there, and the aforementioned
pre-order page is no longer accessible.

If you're wondering what may be going on here, the answer
 might surprise you. It turns out that the blue HTC One M8
 will be an exclusive to Three Ireland. What you see above
 is a shot of some kind of a promotional material from said
operator, which proudly boasts that it will start selling the
 new color sometime before the end of August. It's not out
of the ordinary for carriers to get exclusive colors, but this
flyer seems to imply that the blue HTC One M8 won't be
available anywhere else in Europe.