Dell Precision M6800

The Precision M6800 is Dell's biggest and most powerful business notebook
, which means a high price – this £2,075 around US$3,490, AU$3,750
machine is twice as pricey as some of its rivals. That's expensive, but
 Dell has packed this laptop with every feature a professional will
need on the road.

Every aspect of the M6800's design speaks to its business credentials.
The chassis is built from aluminium and magnesium alloy, and build
 quality is top-notch: there's no give on any surface. Dell has also
tested this machine using MIL-STD-810G protocols, so it's resistant
 to dust and works in extreme temperatures.

It's versatile, too. There are four USB 3.0 ports, D-SUB, HDMI
 and DisplayPort outputs, two audio jacks, an Ethernet socket
and an SDXC card slot, and it's also got rarer additions:
ExpressCard, eSATA and Smart Card slots, a docking station
connector, a hot-swappable hard disk and a physical Wi-Fi switch.

This is a work laptop, so it also has a trackpoint in the middle
of the keyboard with three discrete buttons.