Google AdSense++ way to earn

Google AdSense++ way to earn

You can make a fulltime living from Google Adsense, but it takes time and
effort. You apply for Google Adsense, get approved, and get the Adsense
code on your site. The first day, you make ten bucks. You quickly add that
up, and see that if you made ten bucks each day, you would make 600 per
month from one site. You quickly add again, and see that if you had ten
sites, all making 600 a month, you could quit your traditional job.

Once your AdSense account has been approved, you’ll likely want to get
 started by adding the code that will place Google’s ads on your site.
To get started with AdSensefor Content,
 log in to Google AdSense and click the Ad Settings tab.

It is always a good idea to find out what works for others. Again, each site is
different, but this will save you a great deal of time in researching. Become a
regular visitor to Adsense related forums.

According to Google, if you elect to display image ads, you will have more
advertisers bidding to have their ads show specifically on your pages.

This usually results in more money per click, and this is definitely worth looking
into for your site. Make sure you use GoogleChannels and reports to find out if it
is working out well for you or not.

Adsence-Importance of keyword  placement
Unit name Size
Leaderboard 728 × 90
Banner 468 × 60
Large Rectangle 336 × 280
Medium Rectangle 300 × 250
Square 250 × 250
Half Banner 234 × 60

Add ads  on your main page, where more than one post appears, visitors will see
the ads at the bottom of each of those posts.

Making money from Adsense than just putting up a
site and putting Google Adsense ad code on those pages.
There are two ways to succeed with Adsense. You either
have to have a very high traffic site, or you have to have a multitude of low
to mid traffic sites.

When you build your sites, your first order of business should be to get
them listed in the major search engines. However, you should also get
listed in more specialized directories as well, and use traffic generation
techniques such as article marketing,forum marketing, social networking,
and social bookmarking.

Use Google Analytics: Google Analytics will give you a ton of
information about the traffic that comes to your site. You can use that
information to make adjustments and additions to your site, which will
increase your Adsense revenue.

Link units
Probably the second most used ad type in the AdSense program after text
ads is the link unit. Link units are very cool because when used properly
you can make them look like they belong on your page, so users are more likely
to click them.

Making a link unit look like it belongs on your page is pretty simple. You
adjust the template colors of the ad to match the template colors of your
page. Then, when the link units are displayed on your page, they look like
links that are related to the content of the page.

Themed ads
Themed units are basically text ads that have a specific theme. Google offers
these around holiday times, and they just appear in your ad structure. You
don’t have to do anything special to use themed units — they’re automatically
 enabled in your ads when you set up your AdSense account.

Creating original content
Writing your own articles and blog posts isn’t as hard as it sounds unless you
have hundreds of Web pages to populate, which could become a very
timeconsuming effort. If that’s the case, you’ll have to use somereprints, but it’s
still best if you try to keep the most important pages on your site filled with
original content.

Reading-friendly colors:Color can be your best friend or your worst
enemy online. The first thing to remember when dealing with Web site
colors is that colors display differently on-screen than they do on paper
and colors display slightly differently on different screens. So test your
colors in the real world— online rather than on paper. It wouldn’t hurt
to take a peek at your Web masterpiece from a few different computers.

Links within articles:One last element that you should include in
your articles and blog posts is links to other, related articles and blog
posts, both on your Web site and on others’ Web sites. Linking to other
resources provides additional information for your site visitors. Usually,
those visitors will click through those links and then click back to the
page from which they came. If you worry about visitors clicking away
from your site, never to return, set your links up so that they open in a
new window. Opening links in a new window keeps your Web site open
and in front of the visitors. When they’re finished examining the site
you’ve linked to, they can close the window and be right back on your
Web site.

AdSense for Domains

AdSense for Domains is a program for parked domains, meaning domains
 that are not in active use. There are many reasons someone might want
 to park a domain, including the intention of speculating in domain names
 and protecting existing related domain names from falling into the hands
 of competitors.

Video Units
What content is more compelling then video? And how better
 to monetize this compelling content on your site than by adding
 video units from Google’s YouTube, a leader in online video?
To get started, from the AdSense Setup page, click Video unit.
 You will need to login to your YouTube account.

AdSense for Search:Feel free to mention to your site visitors that you
have a search box they can use to find whatever.

Referrals: Refer away. It’s always best if you’ve actually used the
products you’re referring so that what you tell your visitors is accurate.
 Tell them your thoughts about the products and share your stories of how
the product has performed for you.

Earning with AdSense referral ads: requires some action on the part of your
Web site visitors. Earning with referrals isn’t as simple as clicking through
a link, or even searching and then clicking through search results. AdSense
referrals have conversions— which are specific actions that must take place
before you get paid for displaying the referral ad.Even after a conversion
 takes place, the payments are a little different than
what you see with other AdSense ads. All referral ads are paid on a flat fee.
However, the fee that you’re paid can be influenced by your location. Each
advertiser sets country-specific goals, so you’re paid up tothe maximum
amount shown for each of the referrals that you make from your AdSense
referral ads.

AdSense:When a user who signed up for Google AdSense through your
referral first earns $100 within 180 days of sign-up and is eligible for
payout, you’re credited with $100. Note that it’s only when the user
firstsigns up and earns $100. If a visitor has been a member of AdSense
in the past, you don’t receive this payment. Also, this applies only to
referrals located in North America, Latin America, or Japan. All others
are counted as invalid referrals because AdSense doesn’t support other
countries at this time.